"The Young Lions" Directed By Edward Dmytryk In 1958. Film Review And Analysis

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"Look, I've read all the books. I know that in 10 years we'll be bosom friends with the Germans and the Japanese. Then I'll be pretty annoyed that I was killed." This is the famous line by alleged by Michael Whitacre in the Film "The Young Lions" directed by Edward Dmytryk in 1958. The 3 hour movie explores the concept of antiwar during World War 2. Dmytryk uses different film techniques to help establish and illustrate to the audience the purpose of his film including the dialogue, characters and editing techniques. The purpose of Dmytryk's film was to establish characters from different ideologies and beliefs and how the war has affected, altered and changed their attitudes. The Lead actors and characters featured in this film are Lt. Christian Diestl (Marlon Brando), Noah Ackerman (Montgomery Clift) and Michael Whitacre (Dean Martin.) These young men have just been conscripted into the war effort.One of the major things the audience first responds to is why the director Dmytryk did not use colour when he had access to it, but instead uses black and white? Dmytryk choose this because he believed colour to be a distraction from the purpose of the film. His objective was for the audience to focus on the characters and their attitudes rather then the sets and backdrops. Another reason which supports Dmytryk use of tones is so he could use a montage of the film and BBC news reel of real footage of the war. He creates a feeling of the war happening now rather then several years into the future. The audience begins a feeling of insecurity and anxiety as we start to fear the Germans and their conquest for a super race.Dmytryk has used many other film techniques like editing and soundtrack to establish the idea of anti war campaign to the audience. The major and most commonly used editing technique is cut and fades. Due to the length of the film and lack of camera movement's, static recording is used. Each scene has repeatedly been filmed at different angles to give the audience the full perspective of what's currently happening in the movie. Dmytryk jump cuts are very powerful in the film and he uses the appropriate angles at the right time. Dmytryk uses high angle shots of the enemy in Africa whilst they attack them using the sunlight as an advantage. This successfully signifies the soldier's vulnerability and weakness. Before the attack happens we already know who will be victorious. The angle of...

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