The Younger "Woman" Essay

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If only I had a million dollars every time I was cornered by a trio of girls in the library; I'd finally be a millionaire. I'm the legendary Vincent Pace I run this school, guy wanna be me, and girls want me, so why is this just now happening?


"What?" I asked snapping back to reality.

"Answer the question!" one the girls screamed.

The librarian peeks her head up and glares at us.

I start whispering, "What question?"

They all started laughing except the one in the back. Just twirling her hair and not making eye contact and even when she did her gaze was gone almost instantaneously. She stood there as close to me as possible while still being far away. I couldn't get a read on ...view middle of the document...

Now why did that sound so familiar. I was about to ask but like that Rachel and her friends were gone.

I sat with my friends at the lunchroom table. Rachel still on my mind.

"What's wrong with you?" one asked, "You look like you're about to die,"

"Thanks Cody," I sighed, "You have such away with words,"

"Well do you want him to tell you the truth or make you feel better?" asked another.

I snapped, "You're not helping, Louie!"

"What's going on Vince?" the final friend asked

"You really want to know, Zoe?" I asked sarcastically.

She nodded. Cody and Louie followed soon after.

I sighed, "There was this girl."

"A girl!" Zoe snapped, "Vincent Pace you are mine!"

"I'm not in the mood for that, Zoe," I said, "And I'm being serious. There was this girl uh, Rachel Collins,"

"Rachael Collins. You like Rachel Collins?" Cody asked.

"That's what she said her name was," I answered.

They started laughing and Louie asked between laughs, "The finger painter?"

I wanted to ask what, but then it all hit me. Her height, her shynesss, and the art. She wasn't just a Rachel Collins. She was the Rachel Collins. The art prodigy being transferred to our high school, and if she is that Rachel Collins that means- Crap!

"You like Rachael Collins, but she's 12 and you're 15," said Cody.

"Yeah, but son you weren't there. She didn't look 12 she couldn't have been 12." I put my hands on my head and laid on the table. Zoe gets up and moves to the other side of the table to sit next to me. She hugs me. "Oh my god Zoe! You can just find any excuse and exploit it so you can do these kind of things cant you? I'm surprised you haven't tried to kiss me by now."

She let go and looked at me, "It was just a friendly hug I feel for you, but if you want my lips I'll be happy to-"

I interrupted her before she said anything we'd regret later, "If I wanted your lips you'd know, so can we-" I looked at them and they were all staring behind me silently. "What!?" I turned around and there she was. Rachel stole my heart Collins. I looked back and I could tell they were about to start laughing. I gave them a " I swear to God Louie and Cody you say anything or do anything stupid to mess this up, I'll end you" face. Yes that's a real face. If you knew Louie and Cody then you'd know why I patented that. Next I turned to Zoe, but she wasn't there anymore. I looked in Rachel's...

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