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Bullies are everywhere and they can be found at church, home and most importantly in schools. Nevertheless, there is no raised hand to stop the criminals or make no plans to stop them. Society pays more attention to the victims when they have gone to drastic measures.However many might say that at that moment a child is dead, has psychological damage, or puts others in harms way it too late. Bullies are criminals and they should be treated as such, but if society worked together to help or stop them early then maybe a bully won't become a bully. Nevertheless, in order to make a solution one must understand the problem itself.
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"(D'Arcy Lyness, 2013) Therefore how many times can a child get away with bullying before the victims flight goes away and they pick fight.
When man is backed into a corner, such as an animal, fight or flight starts to kick in. One person might tend to use flight by thinking they deserve to get beat on and isolate themselves away from their peers. Along with the victim isolating themselves, while they're in that solitude that person might start to see in tunnel vision.The psychological damage on a bullied victim can be "internalizing symptoms, anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, and eating disorders (i.e., anorexia or bulimia nervosa) poor appetite, headaches, sleep disturbances, abdominal pain, and fatigue"(Randy A. Sansone,2008).With all of these symptoms of bullying society still can't find a solution to this major problem. Most people wave it off or give subtle punishments like that child being grounded for a week. Nevertheless, the only way to stop bullying is to stop it at the problem. The bully themselves.
Now some might say that, a child is only taught what it learns and this is true, so doesn't society hold the caregivers more responsibly? If the same parents that teach their kids bad habits have to homeschool their child because they were a bullying a peer then parents would take more responsibility. There are some children that grow up in a loud negative background, but if they end up going to an environment of positivity, school, then we would create a...

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