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The Zombies Essay

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Imagine, if you will, a brisk night wind coming fast across a lake carrying a pungent smell, something you can’t quite identify, but is nonetheless familiar enough to send a shiver up your spine. As it hits the trees, they creak out a somber call in the still night air. Or was that groan something more…human? You notice, for the first time, the absence of tires humming on pavement and you wonder if it’s that late, or maybe just a slow night. The soft tapping of your shoes on the sidewalk is the only accompaniment your slow breathing has as you move towards the warmth of your home, holding thoughts of a warm bed in the palm of your hand to keep the chill away. You don’t notice at first, perhaps because the reality of what you’re hearing is too obscene to be real, but there is definitely someone behind you now, just within earshot. But what you hear is not another midnight traveler’s tracing of your footsteps along the sidewalk, it is the distinct noise of a pained gait, as if they were limping and crying out a dull moan to accentuate their plight. You look back to see…nothing. Shrugging it off as a trick of the wind, you forge ahead, close enough now to see your doorstep, but far enough away to lack its reassurance. The wind continues its trickery, seeming to call upon its gusty brethren to echo its increasingly convincing call. You pick up your pace, almost running now, as the trees shout at your passage, calling out for you, pleading with you to stop, if only for a moment, so that they may have a word with you. And what word might that be, you question to yourself as you break into a full sprint. Then, as if in direct response to your thoughts, they all call out in unison, “Brrrraaaaaaaaiiiiinnns…”
By the time you figure out what’s happening, it’s too late. You are already undead. There is one positive note to come of your demise, though. A valuable lesson you hope to pass on to the next late night pedestrian you and your new friends come across; Underestimating the potential for a zombie outbreak is a highly dangerous (and foolish) activity. Preparedness is something one can never have too much of when considering an epidemic of the walking dead. Some of the basics are: Assessing the potential for a zombie outbreak at any given time, knowing the four types of zombies and how to respond to each (an absolute must), and most importantly, you need to have a plan.
Step one of the preparation is the easiest: assessing the potential of, and being on the lookout for, a sudden and massive wave of zombification. I know what you must be thinking, “Zombies? No way,” but I beg for your attention on this matter; it could be the difference between life and death and un-death. Ruling out the more extreme, and significantly less likely, possibilities of sorcery and hell reaching its maximum seating capacity, leaves genetic mutation, viral infection, and science gone wrong as candidates. For simplicity’s sake, we can boil these three causes down to a...

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