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The Zoo Trip Essay

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My family and I went on a road trip to Phoenix, Arizona in late October. This is going to be a little description of what went on during this trip and all the different things I saw. Most of this will be about my trip to the Wildlife world zoo since that was the biggest thing that happened during the trip.
The first thing I should mention, Since of course it was the first thing we saw, Is the amazing scenery on the way up here. We passed through parts of Oklahoma, Texas, And New Mexico that I've never seen before - Although going to all three places previously! Since it was late in October when the road trip was taking place it was quite chilly all the way until we hit Phoenix - But the scenery was great, As I mentioned before.
The first place I'll start is Texas, We went to this amazing Rest stop, It was huge and inside it was a man-made windmill, It was probably a part of history - As everything else in the place was. I don't remember the part of Texas or the name of the rest stop but if I see it again I'll be sure to take even more notice of it! The stop itself seemed sort of like a museum, It had all kinds of plaques of information mostly about Native tribes and such, One was called "Lord Of The Plains", Which had information on Quanah Parker who was a Comanche chief, A leader in the Native American church, And also the very last leader of the Quahadi band before they surrendered with the battle of the Great Plains. There's probably a lot more to say about the run through Texas but not of my knowledge.
The second place we went through was when things started getting really pretty - And really cold. That was New Mexico, Where all the huge mountains began. One of the mountain ranges we saw there was the Sandia mountains, A set of mountains that are over ten thousand feet tall and run along the northern part of Albuquerque.
Then, The last place, Our destination, We hit Arizona! Things were still cool until we hit Phoenix and it was WARM. We got to go to the fair,Castles N' Coasters,The Wildlife zoo,And an aquarium so far. I learned a lot of things about animals and sea creatures at the zoo, And saw a few creatures that I'd never heard of before then! I'm going to name and give a brief description of a few notable animals from the Aquarium first.
One of the most strange and different animals I saw there was an Axolotl, A Mexican Salamander that lives in the water although they aren't fish, But amphibians. The Axolotl is classed as critically endangered due to the fact that they were sold in Mexico as food and the polluted water. The Axolotl is a really special animal and very different from others due to the fact that it can regenerate its own limbs and their rarity.
Another really strange animal is the Blind Cavefish, A fish that is born with eyes but as they age skin grows over their eyes, Making them blind. They are warm water fish that like the deep and dark caves of Central America. Although they can't see, They...

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