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"The Zoo Story" Essay

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Edward Albee’s, “The Zoo Story” is about the innate animal instinct that resides in each human being. Regardless of things like social class, education, profession we are born with a primal animal instinct to either fight or flight when it comes protecting our territories much like wild animals. However, the animals at the zoo in this play are enclosed and isolated from each other just like the characters Jerry and Peter who struggle to break free from their own barred cages.
In the poem the character Jerry is lonely, antisocial and a rather socially awkward man who through befriending animals believes he will be able to better communicate with his own species. He firsts attempt to build a ...view middle of the document...

” (Albee, Edward). He soon begins to realize that animals and humans aren’t so different after all. That the “animal instinct” to protect ourselves, our territories and the things we love is what motivates therefore we would risk our lives to protect it (Albee, Edward). He also comes to the realization that humans too are like the caged and isolated animals at the zoo. Jerry states, “Everyone separated by the bars from everyone else, the animals for the most part from each other, and always the people from the animals. (Albee, Edward). He believes that people live in a cage from each other because they are too self absorbed, locked up and secluded in their own personal existence. Jerry explains the cages people create in his rooming house to Peter by exclaiming, “The colored queen” who, “all he does is pluck his eyebrows, wear his kimono and go to the john” and “he never bothers me, and never brings anyone up to his room.” (Albee, Edward).
Jerry talks of his own personal cage in his rooming house by explaining, “And where better, where ever better in this humiliating excuse for a jail, where better to communicate one single, simple minded idea than in an entrance hall? Where? It would be A START! Where better to make a beginning…to understand and just possibly be...

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