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The Zulu Manual Essay

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The circle of the sun touched the horizon and brought yellowish tinge to everything visible on African ground. Twilight was turning to dusk while a bunch of humanlike creatures hastily approaching the shelter. Two of them dragged an antelope. The lifeless body of the poor animal grooved the sand in front of a cave. Behind them, their accomplices carried the collections of dried branches. Before long, fire was set up and the cave was filled with the smell of roasted meat.
As for the tribe, it was a day of fortune.
Early that morning they had started searching for food. Suddenly they had found themselves in a dangerously occupied grassy opening. A couple of lions had enjoyed the shade under a solitary tree. Luckily, they had been so heavy-eyed after feasting themselves with an abundant catch that the tribe got a chance to exercise stealthy retreat to the safety.
What a delightful end of the day!
The band tears apart the antelope roast mumbling delightfully.
After a while, one of the creatures turns hot ash into the fire and shadows start playing onto the cave walls. They gather around the primate who begins drawing something onto the limestone side. Many curious eyes peep over the painter’s shoulders. They try to figure out the meaning of the sketch emerging from the wall. Mumbling grows in intensity, and when the painter concludes his effort, they spot a pattern of frightening fangs. A sigh of relief floods the cave, “INGONYAMA!” They recollect morning’s events and start clapping each other to acknowledge their joy about getting the message. However, the fellow before the wall turns to the crowd again and stretching forward his left hand produces two distinctive fingers up. Another cry of delight floods the cave. They get the message again, “There was another INGONYAMA”. To express the pleasure of enjoying the comfort of safety, the creatures form a ring around the fire resting palms on each other’s shoulders. They start trooping following the rhythm of the word, “IN-GO-NYA-MA!” (troop-troop-troop-troop)
Eventually, the fire died down, and the bunch, tired but happy, fell asleep.


Many scientists believe that our universe has been created in a rapid expansion of the pinpoint state well known under the term of singularity. Singularity designates the lowest state of entropy possible but somehow the perfection gets broken what ends into the creation of the world we observe around us.
It is assumed that the newly formed universe devoted its infancy to the creation of the rules that govern its further development. The rules used as a framework into which the behavior and interaction between objects must fit. And objects are what this university is made of: particles, atoms, molecules, planets, galaxies and even space between them; including us, humans. They all obey and act under the rules we call the laws of Nature.
The most impressive feature of these rules is that they give a chance on complexity to...

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