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Theater Vs Home Essay

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Over the decades, we have strived to think of a better lifestyle for people throughout the world in terms of entertainment. Inventors developed many different television screens for the audience to be captured and inspired in whatever they were watching. When the big screen was introduced, it was a huge impact on people and it remodeled our perspective on the way we look at movies today. Let’s face it; we all have learned lessons, and maybe changed something about ourselves from just watching a simple movie. Movies are a wonderful thing that can sometimes clear our minds and show us it is okay to have an imagination that is infinite. Thanks to technology, we can enjoy watching our favorite ...view middle of the document...

When comparing these two ways, it can get a little complicated. Sometimes it’s hard to even match what these two ways of watching a movie can have in common. The first comparison is being able to watch a movie with other people, either with a family member or a group of friends. Another way is being able to get lost in the movie no matter what environment you are in, and one of my favorite ways these two are alike is being able to enjoy some refreshments while watching the movie
Most people can agree the pause and rewind button is one of the best creations for entertainment. It allows us to take a break from what we are watching and accomplish something else without missing an important scene. At home, you can do this, yet in a theater it is impossible. When needing to go to the restroom in a theater, sometimes there is a long line that can take forever, and with each minute going by causes a minute of the movie to be missed. Same thing happens when going to get a snack or a drink from the concessions’, the longer the line the more of the movie you miss. At home, if something necessary calls for your attention, you can simply pause or stop the movie at any point. Sitting down in a theater and enjoying the movie when suddenly your phone goes off can be very frustrating to yourself and to others. You do not want to be rude and answer the call in the middle of the movie, however; taking it outside can cause you to miss a scene. Watching a movie at home allows the action of pressing pause or stop to accommodate your need to answer the phone or any other important duties.
As a trailer for a new movie comes out, it is exciting to know there is a chance I’ll see it in theaters. Instead of feeling anxious and waiting for the DvD to arrive on the shelf in stores, you can simply go to the theater and watch it. Buying a movie ticket can be expensive as well as a DvD, but the...

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