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Theatre As A Platform For Addressing Current Issues In Society: A Number, By Caryl Churchill

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Over the years, the essence of theatre has not only been to entertain, but to also allow the build up of a culture in a quickly growing uncultured generation. Regardless of the existence of so many other forms of entertainment, theatre has always established a commanding niche in most people’s hearts, and is undoubtedly the most realistic form of entertainment (Bruce 12). The acting bit of theatre performances makes things real and in their immediate contexts, allowing the audience to draw conclusions based on what they see. In a majority of cases, also, the play’s setting is such that there is description of definite subjects without which the play cannot make meaning. The above research takes into account A Number by Caryl Churchill. A great deal of issues and aspects can be learnt from the above play with diverse moral lessons, as well. It has long been proved that expression via acting is more direct than when the audience accesses literature in other means. This direct approach gives a broader meaning to a variety of issues in the play, which were not understood, say in videos. Additionally, the play A Number is full of theatrical ideologies with clear depiction and expression of every event. Theatricality and empowerment set this play different from other plays because of clarity in events’ sequence. The author also strives to express the idea of cloning in society as one main means of families’ downfall. This further comes with what literature calls the ‘fate of tragic heroes’, an indication of what is at stake when a person does things out of the ordinary to please him or herself.
The overall Essence of Theatre
A mere mention of the term theatre acts as a relief to many people. It is in this place that a majority feels they can escape their lives for a while and enter a new world of reality with voices to be heard and lessons to be learnt. In this way, theatre becomes one of the most collaborative of the arts known. There are varieties of skills and talents, which enter theatrical production other than the common aspects. People of different areas will thus practice different but relevant skills by participating in theatres. Additionally, theatre comes with its culture, which apparently, not many people understand (Bruce 42). Few people who comprehend and understand this culture makes it part of their lifestyle. Plays have been attempts to allow awareness about problems, such as racism, homophobia, sexism, and other forms of persecution. The above issues plays help society function better because they allow people realize whatever is happening and take actions. Theatre has become a polite way of expressing different ills in society. Consequently, the fundamental reason people do theatre is for a chance to discover them. This implies that actors want to come to fulfillment and self-understanding. The nature of humans leads majority of people to attempt to be original, and theatre is the ideal outlet for originality and...

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