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Theatre Notes Including Aristotle's Theories On How Theatre Should Be Created. Theatre Assignment

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Theatre 2C Notes Week 1
Aristotle (384-322 BCE)
· Greek Philosopher
· Enjoyed and appreciated theatre
· The Poetics (circa 334-323 BCE)
· First text on dramatic theory
· Drama is “imitation of men acting”
Plato was not a fan of theatre
· Didn’t think it was productive
· “All about representation of mankind”
· Not a method to look for truth or good for the world
How do we define drama or theatre today?
· A performs B for C
· A = at least one person
· B = performance content
· C = audience
· ^ Eric Bentley
Aristotle’s Six Elements of Drama (cycle)
· Spectacle or Visual Adornment
· (costume, position on stage, backdrops, props, lighting)
· Additional theatrical attributes or components to contribute to the story
· Character
· Language or verbal expression
· Thought
· Song or music
· Plot
Aristotle’s Six Elements of Drama (In order | Top to Bottom)
· Plot
· Character
· Thought or theme
· Language or Verbal Expression
· Song or Music
· Spectacle or visual adornment
Ancient Greece (circa 800-300 BCE)
· 508 BCE – first democracy
· City- states (polis)
· 490 BCE: Athens defeats Persia
· A citizen of Ancient Greece was a male and most likely a landowner
Political structure of Ancient Greek society
· City-states
· Ideology
· Polis
· Democracy
· Public – general assembly of citizens
Athens vs....

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