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Their Eyes Were Watching God Movie And Novel Comparison

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The novel which we are reading in class is “Their Eyes Were Watching God”. The main idea of the novel is to portray the story of Janie Mae Crawford’s development to finding her identity, through love. Both the book and the movie depict different pictures for the audience. Although the movie is very similar to the book, it has multiple different scenes that help the audience connect more to the charaters which the book may not, but it’s also missing deeper layers that were covered in the book. In this essay I will compare the two mediums and which I identified more with.
The movie like the book expressed Janie’s life as she grew up and started to search for her identity through ...view middle of the document...

Over time he became more savage and in the movie he smacked her in front of the town to prove how powerful and almighty he was but, in the book he smacked her for the first time in the privacy of their home which was only to show her a point. Also when Joe first embaressed her in the store, in the movie she ran out and almost left him, while in the book she put up with his aggressive behavior and from time to time mouthed off. Another difference from the movie to the book was when Joe gave Janie a gift, in the book it was a dress while in the movie it was a corset which made her seem above all the woman in the town since it fit her just right and she looked small and gorgeous.
Through out the book Janie had three relationships. The first two, Logan Killicks and Joe Starks, who were pretty much the same since they both had the same characteristics. The relationship with Logan Killicks started because of Nana and her desire for Janie to be safe and with a man who could financially support her. The relatonship however, eneded because he wasn’t interesting, way older and not her type. I believe the only reason why she left with Joe Starks was because he was the only option that she had if she wanted to leave Hillicks and he also had the sence of independence and made her feel safe. Sadly that relationship finished too since he was abusive and in the end died. Her last relatioship was with Tea Cakes, a man much younger then her. However with him she indentified herself more since she was having fun. He allowed her to flirt and joke around as if they were teenagers. He also teaches her many new characteristics since he respects that she need to be indeoendent, he even teaches her how to use a gun, ironically this is exactly what got him killed. Their relationship made Janie grow very much since she had a voice with him, had a partner who helped her grown, and allowed her to actually do as she pleased. These scenes were very powerful since they each taugh her a lesson and helped her realize who she was, how she wanted to live and what she wanted to be.
The medium that I prefered is the book. The book allowed my imaginaton to visualize things more my way rather than the movie that has everything right there and all you can do is analyze, and...

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