Their Love Is Forbidden Essay

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Act I
This takes place in Verona Italy.
There love is forbidden

Scene 1

Act II
Scene 1
He said if love is blind it can’t hit the target.
Scene 2
He compares her to the sun and stars.
She was talking with body language.
He says he wishes he was the glove on her hand so he could touch her cheek.
She says forget about our parents and just love me.
That there families names don't matter they could give up their names so they could be with each other.
He says he will do anything for the love he is deeply in, risking his life.
She doesn't want any of her family to see him near her.
She wants to marry him tomorrow to prove their love.
Scene 3
He is collecting poisonous weeds and medicinal flowers in his basket.
It is saying anything can turn into a good or bad thing if used correctly or misused.
He says you're up early something must be wrong if not you haven't been to bed yet.
He is saying younger men fall in love with what they see not by listening to their hearts.
He hopes it will unite both families or good.
Scene 4
He is a fine gentleman and does everything by the book and is a great sword fighter.
She was saying that she is going to get Juliet there so they can marry.
Juliet has secretly arranged to meet Romeo by going to “confession” and marry him.
Scene 5
The nurse was gone for 3 long hours instead of 30 min.
The nurse is behaving very strange ;avoiding Juliets questions and very fussy ,frustrating Juliet.
Scene 6
He was saying moderation was the key to long lasting love.

Scene 1
He believes there will be a fight because of the heat and the heat gots to peoples heads causing fights and trouble.
The fight is over Benvolio getting annoyed because Mercutio the hot head is accusing Benvolio for being a hot head.
Benvolio tries to separate them stopping a fight and saving their lives .
He calls him a villain
He won’t fight him because Tybalt is now his family .
He thinks romeo doesn't want to fight because ne belives romeo is a coward.
He repeats that because if romeo fought he would not be dying.
Hes says her love has made him weak.
Romeo calls himself fortune's fool because of his dream before going to the ball foreshadoweding death.
He mentions that Romeo tries to get tybalt to leave before he killed him.
She accused him of lying due to the fact he is a Montague.
Romeo is banished from Verona and that is just as bad as death.
Scene 2
She is impatient because she wants to knows Romeo is banishd.
She was first mad because he killed her cousin then she was loving and accepting because he’s her...

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