Thematic Essay On Pride, Featuring Langston Hughes And Zora Hurston

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Pride is a theme that runs through many genres of literature. There are many different manners in how one might interpret that theme. Two works that express this theme are a poem named "I Too" by Langston Hughes, and an excerpt from "How It Feels To Be Colored Me" by Zora Hurston. Pride is a strong sense of personal dignity that can overcome many obstacles is how one may interpret these to works. The writer's seems to use unique structures in their works as well as irony, imagery and themeIn the poem by Langston Hughes, he dwells upon a theory that blacks had to be separate from others in society. He refers to himself as singing, America and then being America significantly referring to the end of segregation and discrimination. His use of creative imagery shows the kitchen as being a place of distinct yet individual strength. The author implies that by being separated from the rest of society he wasn't of quality to be among the guests of the house, but never the less he demonstrates how being separate made him more of a stronger human being in accepting what others were, and putting aside the ignorance of others: which also demonstrated and ironic twist to the poem. As well as showing the reader that the speaker was "Proud to be Black". In addition to those techniques use by the author, he also uses the structure of the poem to set up the reader and show them how the speaker was going from what he is now presently, and what he will accomplish to be in the future.Zora Hurston seems to use the same development in her work as well. In the excerpt, "How It Feels To Be Colored Me" she expresses her naivety in many ways. "How can any deny themselves the pleasure of my company, It's beyond me" shows how naïve she could be, yet not...

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