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Humans are social animals by nature.This is good, because collaboration is a necessity for advancement. But sometimes, this tendency works against it in the worst of ways, which three works, The Scarlet Letter, written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Crucible, A play written by Arthur Miller , and the movie Klass (The Class), directed by Ilmar Raag, all use to display the problems within human society. All 3 works emphasize the human tendency to “gang up” to avoid being singled out.
The connecting theme between these works is that humans group up to avoid being singled out, and will do almost anything to stay in the group. In The Scarlet Letter, the narrator says ““Lastly, the inhabitants of the town (their own interest in this worn-out subject languidly reviving itself, by sympathy with what they saw others feel)"(ch 22). The author is putting on display how people will change based on what the people around them are doing to not look different. All these new people come to town, and they all stare at the scarlet letter because they have only heard rumors/legends about it. This seems normal, but people who have lived around it every day for several years suddenly discover their curiosity and do the same, solely based on the reaction of the visitors. They just want to belong to the group, and that is what the group is doing, even at the cost of Hester's dignity. They had accepted Hester as much as they would, and that meant leaving her alone for the most part. Yet they changed their actions just because of some newcomers who were only going to be in town for a day. This displays just how willing people are to attack another for their own guaranteed place in the group. The scene in The Crucible where Abby tells the court that Mary is a witch because Mary tried to tell the truth and then all the girls pretend to be bewitched by repeating this:
Mary: Abby, you mustn’t!
Girls: Abby, you mustn’t!
Mary: I’m here I’m here!
Girls: I’m here I’m here!
(pg. 117)
This scene displays this very same qualities as the one from The Scarlet Letter, but with much more dramatic means. The girls are letting themselves be manipulated by Abby because she told them that she would kill them if they told the adults the truth. They are basically condemning Mary to her death, until Mary later saves herself by telling the court that John Proctor was a witch, which ends up killing him instead. This is a much more harsh display of what people will do to remain in their congregations. This is the only way that they could stay safe from Abby in their minds.Abby knew that the only way she could make sure that she didn’t get punished was to get a group to lie for her. Every one of the girls in the village were willing to let people they had known their whole lives die. Once they formed the group, they had to keep finding people to single out. Another example is in the movie Klass. In the scene, The boys of the class are all playing basketball in their Physical Education class. They...

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