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Theme Essay

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Wuthering Heights Theme Essay
In the gothic novel Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, the author hides motifs within the story.The novel contains two major love stories;The wild love of Catherine, and Heathcliff juxtaposing the serene love of Cathy,and Hareton. Catherine’s and Heathcliff's love is the center of Emily Bronte’s novel ,which readers still to this day seem to remember.The characters passion, and obsession for each other seems to not have been enough ,since their love didn't get to thrive. Hareton and Cathy’s love is what got to develop. Hareton’s and Cathy’s love got to workout ,because both characters contained a characteristic that both characters from the first generation ...view middle of the document...

Using the same name for the characters emphasizes the idea of their different character traits which ultimately lead to their outcome in the book.
This idea is exemplified farther with the characters Hareton and Heathcliff.These characters don't have the repetition of the same name, but they do have the repetition of the unfair environment in which they were raised on, which lead to the brewing of resentful feelings.Both characters were viewed as dunces,and they both were stripen of what they trulyl loved.Heathcliff was mistreated by Catherine's brother Hindley ,as Hareton was mistreated by Heathcliff.Heathcliff and Hareton share the same characteristics such as: short temper,anger,and bitterness.Heathcliff was first introduced into the story as “a sullen,patient child”(27) .Overtime Heathcliff with took mistreatment ,and violence for the only thing he loved:Catherine. When Catherine stated it would “degrade her”(59)to marry him,Heathcliff took the turn for revenge and resentment,since the women he loved wouldn't marry him for what her brother made him to be.Hareton had a similar raising.Heathcliff was filled with resentment from his early childhood so,he took Hareton and “reduced[him] to a state of complete dependence on his father’s interverate enemy”(139)meaning that Heathcliff would do everything he experienced as a child to Hareton as a form of revenge.Even though Hareton was raised in the same state as Heathcliff Hareton’s did not seek revenge on Heathcliff ,Hareton’s “honest,warm, and intelligent nature shook off the clouds of ignorance and degradation in which[he was] bred”(236).Hareton wasn't overtaken with the idea to avenge Heathcliff ;He showed more thought for himself thought shows a deep desire to improve himself,unlike Heathcliff whose obsession with Catherine led to his downfall.
Reviewing the sets of doubles we see that they are very similar but that one character trait that distinguishes them.Combining Catherine ,and Heathcliff’s traits makes a result of a dramatic wild love as...

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