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Dreams are a train of thought or images passing through ones mind. Of mice and men's two main themes consist of dreams and pipe dreams. Dreams can lead to problems, success, or neither. Dreams can also lead to new dreams as well. Some individuals can carry out their dreams, others cannot. Dreams involve commitment and one can never achieve it if you're not dedicated in following through. This goes with just about any goal or dream. Each individual character has different and specific pipe dreams. These pipe dreams help to go more in depth in understanding each individual character. The pipe dreams shape the characters' behavior and affect the way the character makes his/her decisions. Throughout the story, "Of Mice and Men," focus' a lot on pipe dreams. The title of the book relates to Burns' poem when it states: "But, Mousie, thou art no thy lane In proving foresight may be vain: The best laid schemes o' mice an' men Gang aft a -gley An' lea'e us nought but grief an' pain For promised joy" This also states that others encounter problems as well when they look into the future and try to make plans. Others as well, find that their planning might be futile and fruitless as time goes on. George and Lennie both fit into the category of wanting to carry out their dreams and be different than everyone else by taking care and looking out for one another. Although, many of their individual pipe dreams followed a different view, but there were still some in which they shared. George was the "base" of his and Lennies friendship and loyalty. He was the "root" or "leader" so to speak. George would be the one who would keep things going on properly and more in order, to an extent. George had to be the "base" since Lennie was not strong enough. Proof of this is when he stated: "If George don't want me, I'll go away. I'll go away." (Page 110) Lennies pipe dreams were more selfish and related to himself rather than Georges. Lennie wished for rabbits, and furry creatures to satisfy his urges. This showed his lack of control, intelligence, and his liking towards soft things. George and Lennie did share their goal about the farm and both wanting to succeed at it. They also knew that they would be different from the others because they had each other to rely on. Their dream of the farm in the future and the pipe dreams symbolized their security. Even though problems arose between George and Lennie, George had to always be the leader and this helped preserve both of their hope. Still, George's loneliness doesn't really begin until the end. Candy's loneliness is similar to Georges loneliness at the end of the book because of their relationship to their close companions is lost. Candy's close companion is his dog and Georges is Lennie. Both relationships involved loyalty and friendship. Candy is extremely attached to his dog, the way Lennie was attached to George....

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