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Theme Of Brotherly Love In Sonny’s Blues’ And The Red Convertible

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Theme of Brotherly Love
Humanity experiences and shares different types of love because of its social nature, love that is synonymous with affection exist between likeminded and behavioral beings; brotherly love exists between siblings born to one mother or father o a combination of both. Although this definition is subjective, brotherly love extends beyond ones kinship to include persons whom you share same beliefs and values in life, in religious circles brotherly love is shown to members whom you share with same doctrines. The theme of brotherly love is illustrated in the story ‘Sonny’s Blues’ and ‘The Red Convertible’ using literary language and by use of stylistic devices ...view middle of the document...

After the death of their mother, the anonymous brother who is professionally a teacher took Sonny to live at his wife Isabel’s place. This are efforts the brother did to ensure he continues school, receives good accommodation and practices piano, Sonny’s area of interest.
When Sonny discontinued schooling and joined his jazz music pals to his brother searched for him and visited him in his closet. He receives a rude shock when Sonny treats his friends with respect than him; he banged the door behind. His senior brother still maintained good relationship with him. He visited him while in prison and lived with him after his jail term.
When Sonny was arrested, his brother writes a letter informing him of the Gracie’s demise. Sonny replied it in polite humble language addressing him as ‘Dear brother’ (127) he mentions how much he wanted to hear from his senior brother. This is an example of true brotherly love that sees no evil but good in every situation.
This is a story of two hard working brothers Henry and Lyman who were at young age able to raise enough money to buy a second hand red convertible car. They used car to go roaming to the extent of reaching Alaska. They owned the car in partnership and they would go anywhere with it. Henry who is senior brother joined the marine living the car under care of Lyman. Lyman could not maintain the car instead when Henry came back for a vacation the car is in a written-off state. He took duty to repair it and gives back to Lyman when it is in good running condition. The theme of brotherly love is illustrated...

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