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Theme Of Letting Go Essay

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The play “A View from the Bridge” written by Arthur Miller tells of a story of a man’s great love for his own daughter leading to his unwillingness to let her go. This ironically results in the straining of the relationship between the two and ultimately his self-destruction and death. The theme of letting go is one of the main themes the play and the playwright are trying to convey to the reader. The theme is clearly manifested through the main conflict between Eddie, Catherine and Rodolpho in the various incidents of the play. In fact, entire two acts circle around how Eddie’s love for his daughter has grown to a point where he cannot let go of his grown up niece, but more appropriately his, stepdaughter.

The theme is first observed in the beginning of the play where Eddie does not like the prospect of other men taking her stepdaughter away from him. This is clearly seen in two separate incidents.

This is first shown when both admires and criticizes the clothing choice of Catherine. At first sight of her new pretty look, Eddie compliments her saying how she “look like one of them girls that went to college” however just a few moments later, his mood changes and Eddie becomes “aggravated” by how other men were “given you” “looks” “in the candy store”. The playwright’s use of words in the dialogue helps to heighten the change in Eddie’s mood. This illustrate how possessive Eddie is of his stepdaughter to the point of not wanting the possibility of other men wooing her away from him even though she is at the right age of marriage and wants to keep her to himself. This highlights the theme showing how Eddie refuses to want to let her stepdaughter go and have relationships with other men.
The theme was also displayed when Eddie did not approve of the neighborhood Catherine was going to be working in if she were to accept her new job. He is unfazed by the high starting pay of “fifty dollars” and sees the neighborhood as more of a threat than the paycheck as a reward. He paints a bad picture of the place showing of how she will be working in a “plumbin’ company! That’s one step over the water front. They’re practically longshoremen”. The input of an exclamation mark by the playwright displays of the resentment present in Eddie of how she did not want her working alongside them as he sees them as bad people. With reference to the above example, his statement cannot be trusted as him seems to always associate the men around her as bad people. This seems to suggest that he does want men to attract her and take her away from him. This thus again shows of how he does not wish to let her go to other men.

At the sign of her growing independence, her acceptance into her first job Eddie’s first reaction was not to congratulate her, but instead became nervous and agitated. Despite the happiness between Beatrice and Catherine about the “wonderful” news of her new job, Eddie is “strangely nervous” and wishes that the Catherine “finish school” before she...

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