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Theme Of Loss Essay

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General Theme of Loss Loss is a phenomenon that everyone experiences in life. Whether it is a loss of great or little significance just depends on how a particular individual handles the situation. After reading the short stories by Caribbean and African writers in Concert of Voices it is evident that a general theme in many of the stories is loss. Throughout these stories characters experience the loss of something that is of great importance to them. The deprivation of this thing causes a feeling of emptiness or incompleteness within a person, troubling them emotionally. Loss is an inevitable occurrence found in everyday life. It is not something that tends to cause happiness when experienced. Once experienced, one must overcome this loss and move on with life. Personally, I can relate to this sense of having to "move on". Very recently one of my grandfather's passed away. I was very close to him. He was one of my most trusted friends in the world. The day of his death all my family and I waited by his bedside in the hospital until his last breathe was taken. The moment he stopped breathing it was as if I piece of me was torn out. Not physically, but in a mental way far worse than any physical pain could cause me. Within the last couple weeks I have come to the realization that my grandpa is not coming back. Although this hurts I know that I must move on in life with a "part" of me missing inside. Dwelling on this dreadful event is not going to make life easier for me to deal with as time passes by. It is almost clear that this is the approach that one must take to maintain sanity in a situation of loss. The loss experienced within the short stories is not just a loss of anything. It is the loss of something with deep down emotional ties whether it is a family member, a friend, a love interest, or an object of significant meaning to oneself. For example, in "The Coffee-Cart Girl" by Es'kia Mphahlele a worker from Metropolitan Steel Windows called China gets fired after a strike. He has lost his job. However he meets a woman whom he calls Pinkie who works at a coffee cart. In the rise of events he gets to know her better and falls in deeply in love with her. At the end of the story he loses her due to his jealous accusations that she is cheating on him. This jealousy and his disruptive behaviour towards her cause him to never see her again. These two losses are of different significance to the worker. One is merely a job and can be replaced while the other is a deeply routed love for an individual that is unique and irreplaceable. However, even though China knows he will never see Pinkie again he still "dares to hope that she would come back, just to meet him. And that all he had with her was not just a dream" (291). In "B. Woodworth" by V.S. Naipaul the loss dealt with is similar emotionally to that of the loss in "The Coffee-Cart Girl". In each of these stories people that are...

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