Theme Of Loyalty In Homecoming And The Hunger Games

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Loyalty is like glue, since it keeps the camaraderie in a relationship intact. If someone breaks the loyalty, then that trust and camaraderie are damaged as well. But yet, one can remain loyal without sacrificing one’s needs or desires. Examples of this have often appeared in modern day literature. For example, take the Tillerman siblings from Cynthia Voigt’s novel, “Homecoming.” In this novel, the oldest sibling, Dicey, has to take care of her three younger siblings after their mother deserted them in a mall parking lot. In addition, Dicey has to lead her siblings to her aunt’s home in Bridgeport, Connecticut, which is well over 60 miles away. At the beginning of the book, I believed that Dicey had to sacrifice everything she loved to keep her siblings close and together. But, as the novel goes on, you see that Dicey did not have to give up as much, since the one thing Dicey treasured the most was her family. Sure, they did make her mad and annoyed at times, but she loved them, and all she wanted was to keep them safe. Her love is what made her so allegiant toward getting to Aunt Cilla’s home. A similar situation applied for the siblings. Sammy, the youngest child, was a real, “mama’s boy.” You can tell that when their mother left them, he was the child that was in denial for a while. “Go on, because nobody cares about me except Momma, and Momma will come find me but she won’t find you, so you ahead (Pg 41).” But eventually Sammy finally admitted that Momma was gone, and that made his loyalty to Dicey even stronger. He fished, cared, and even stole so his family would be safe. In this example, loyalty kept the Tillerman siblings close together. But, even in a more futuristic, fictional story, this concept exists.

In all types of fiction literature, the basic concepts of love, loyalty, trust, and other virtues are usually included. In the futuristic novel, “The Hunger Games,” by Suzanne Collins, North America has collapsed, and has become 13 districts controlled by an anarchist Capitol. To show their power, the Capitol has issued the Hunger Games, a game in which each district must give two teenagers to fight to the death in an arena. In lieu of her sister, Katniss Everdeen volunteers to take her sister’s place in the Hunger Games. One example of her loyalty is when the Gamemakers change the rules so there can be two winners (as long as they are from the same district). Since she and Peeta Mellark, the other District 12 tribute, are playing an angle as, “star-struck lovers,” there is a chance that they can both stay alive. Katniss becomes faithful to Peeta right away by taking care of him, hunting, and protecting him from harm. She is not giving up her desire of winning while she cares for him. Peeta also demonstrates this concept. When Katniss breaks a nest full of Tracker Jackers (a mutation of a wasp, which stings are deadly), she begins to run so she is not stung. Katniss did not run fast enough, since she was stung twice and begins to...

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