Theme Of Medieval Bravery Found In Literature And Movies Of Today

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The connection to medieval bravery is still found in literature of today. In medieval society, knights were expected to follow a certain way of behavior. One had to be loyal to his lord and was expected to be brave enough to fight for his people and his castle.
The book Tom Clancy’s Endwar is a fictional story about World War III in the year 2020 (Tom Clancy’s). In the story, Saudi Arabia and Iran destroy each other in a nuclear war which results in Russia having control over most of the oil trade. Europe becomes one country called the European Federation and the United Nations is disbanded. The United States and the European Federation end up opposing each other (Michaels).
The Green Brigade attacks the Freedom Star space station and kills all the U.S. Marines that are aboard. The Russians are blamed for this (Tom Clancy’s). The Green Brigade is a powerful ecoterrorist group who is led by someone named Green Vox (Michaels). This is the beginning of a war between Russia and the United States.
The United States realizes that Operation 2659 was undergo. This was the invasion of Canada by Spetsnaz, or Russian, troops (Michaels). It is thought that Russia was invading Canada because Canada was the world’s second leading oil producer and Russia did not want the competition. In the story, Russia invades Canada with Ka-29 helicopters and they take out a few of the United States’ F35s. However, U.S. F35s shoot down over two and a half dozen Russian Ka-29s. The U.S also destroys a staging ground with the helicopters and AN-130 super carrier jets. The Russian SU-39 fighter jets then shoot down every single U.S. F35 (Tom Clancy’s).
At this time, all of the U.S Special Operations Forces were one combined task force called the Joint Strike Force. They were broken up into teams with one leader (Tom Clancy’s). The President of the United States officially ordered Outlaw Team and Vatz Team to combat Spetsnaz troops in Canada. When they arrive, half of Vatz Team is killed when their C-130 is shot down. Outlaw Team then begins to plan to hijack a Russian helicopter. They are successful and use the helicopter to shoot the Spetsnaz ground troops (Michaels).
Green Vox then calls the President of the Russian Federation and informs him that the Green Brigade has planted two nuclear bombs in Calgary and Edmonton. They will detonate in forty-eight hours. The president tries to negotiate with the terrorists but it does not work and Russia demands the U.S. to help defuse the bombs (Michaels). The terrorists have chosen these cities because they have large oil refineries and they also wanted the world to turn against Russia (Tom Clancy’s). The U.S. President sends two Nuclear Emergency Support Teams, or NEST, to defuse them (Michaels). This marked the end of World War III.
In the movie Avatar, a paraplegic ex-Marine named Jake Sully is sent to Pandora in place of his brother (Wheeler). Pandora is a distant planet that is rich in what humans...

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