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In the short story "Shiloh", written by Bobbie Sue Mason, Norma Jean and Leroy are an older married couple that are experiencing new roadblocks in their relationship. Leroy is injured in a trucking accident while, so he is unable to until his knee heals, but he is nervous to go back to trucking. Norma Jean his wife is use to being home without Leroy and does not know how to handle him being around so often. Her mother Mabel has decided to somewhat take Leroy’s place by hanging around he house more then he ever thought she did. She helps Norma Jean, but she also is a burden. It is up to the reader to decide whether Norma Jean and Leroy stay together, or end up getting a divorce at the end of the story. I believe that they can work things out if they were to see a marriage counselor. There are a couple of really big issues that I feel if were looked at, discussed and handled differently they could get through their rough spell. The death of their son, Mabel the controlling mother, and the inability for the two to communicate at all causes the cracks in their relationship.
The death of their son happened before Leroy was on the road all the time. They never really discussed what happened or how it made them feel. Leroy just hits the road and pretty much stayed there until he got hurt. I think this was the beginning of the rift between them. Norma Jean had some resentment for Leroy for leaving her to deal with all her emotions by herself. They were in it together, but never dealt with it together. Now Leroy is back and Norma Jean must see him everyday. She tries to escape from the pain and resentment that she feels by taking up different hobbies. When Leroy was gone she was not reminded that they had a son, she basically started a new life, a life that did not involve Leroy being around or the thought of the child that they lost. When Leroy came back, she is reminded of the life that they could have had. The life she would have had if Randy had not died, or the life that they could have had if Leroy would have stayed and dealt with everything with Norma Jean. I think that her finding new hobbies can also help their relationship not just hurt it. They need to first discuss how the death of their son affected them when it happened, and how it is affecting them now. They should talk about why Leroy chose to stay away from home for such long periods, and how now that he is home how they feel awkward and uncomfortable around each other. They need to communicate with each other, let each other know how the death has effect them and try to move on from there.
Another reason I feel that Norma Jean resents or has these bad feelings for Leroy is after the death they never really talked about having another baby. Now that he is back she might feel that the time is past to have more children. That could be another reason she has started talking classes, she is trying to move past what she has wanted for all this time. Now she knows with Leroy back and...

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