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Theme Paper Over The Story Jake Reinvented Written By: Gordon Korman

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The definition of love according to is “a form of feeling or warm attachment to another person.” This definition is important to my theme paper and my theme statement in this essay. My theme statement is “just because you are loved doesn’t mean that everyone loves you.” In the first part of my essay I am going to talk about my theme statement and then in the 2nd half of the essay I am going to relate my theme statement to the story using quotes and personal analyzing. The theme statement that I came up with is not just important to the story Jake Reinvented but it is also important to the life. Just because you are loved doesn’t mean that everyone loves you is a theme ...view middle of the document...

“Remember the time I had a test and we studied by the pool…’“However, Jennifer is the popular girl and she kissed a basketball player and Rick immediately gets all jealous and mad, because she has been all attention on Jake during the whole party. This next quote is from page 47 Chapter 4. “Hands reached around my head and clamped over my eyes. I already knew it was Jennifer.” This shows again where it looks like all the main characters in the book love Jake because Didi and him are getting along together and Jennifer has her eyes all over Jake. However, Rick doesn’t really like Jake right now because Jake has the attention of Jennifer right now, even though they aren’t talking.

Another good example is how Didi starts to fall for Jake but Rick is starting to not like Jake as much. Chapter 7 is where this happens. Didi picks Rick up at Rick’s house so that they can go to the mall and pick out a present for Jennifer’s birthday. On the way to the mall Didi stops at Jake’s house and picks him up and they all go to the mall. Then Didi and Jake sort of ditch Rick and end up going to a movie while Rick is left sitting on a bench-waiting fort them. Rick has always been a friend of Jakes, ever since Jake moved to town. This last quote comes form page 75 chapter 7. “Now shes was seeking me out, alone, for the first time ever and I let myself think, just for a second…” But during this part of the...

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