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Themes And How Their Revealed In “Inherit The Wind”

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The story “Inherit the Wind” holds many themes which are revealed in many ways throughout the story. It is important to know the different themes of a story so there is a better understanding of the book. Appearance vs. reality, the importance of free thought, and man vs. society are few of the major themes that are revealed more than once throughout the story.
Appearance vs. reality is shown in “Inherit the Wind” through Brady and Drummond. In the story, Brady is sent to fight against Cates in the monkey trial. Everybody admires Brady, you can tell this by the way they welcome Brady to town with, a parade, big feast, and a reserved room in the Mansions House. Brady appears to be confident, proud, and professional. He is very confident that he is going to win the trial, and he is proud because he has many people who admire. But this all changes throughout the book, when Drummond destroys Brady in front of all his followers. He did this by using Brady’s words and telling the people in the courtroom that Brady says that he is the prophet of God. This happened because Brady was giving false information on the Bible. Also near the end Brady quotes, “Mother, They’re laughing at me, Mother!” (2.2) He says this crying to Mrs. Brady, when the people are laughing at him in the courtroom. This shows the reality of Brady and how he acts like a little kid and is not as professional as he seems. On the other Drummond appears to be the devil, who is mean, and narrow minded. Throughout the trial Drummond makes some very good points, which make a few people believe that he is right. This show that Drummond is very smart and intelligent. Drummond quotes “A giant once lived in that body.” (3) Referring to Brady. At the end of this scene when Brady dies, Hornbeck keeps on insulting Brady. But Drummond goes on Brady’s side and says that he was a very good man he was also right throughout the trial. This quote shows the reality of how caring and passionate he is, to his opponents.
The importance of free thought is another very important theme in “Inherit the Wind”. This is shown through Cates and Rachel. Cates had broken the law of Hillsboro and how you cannot teach evolution in the schools. When in the trial the judge refuses experts on evolution, this shows that the town of Hillsboro does not even want to think of any other religion such as evolution. Also the townspeople of Hillsboro don’t think outside of Christianity because of how scary the town leaders make it look by putting laws against it, and presenting speeches against it, which makes people have fear of thinking of evolution. Cates is trying to be free to think of evolution and believe in evolution as well as teach evolution. Rachel is a prime example of this fear of thought. Near the beginning of the book Rachel...

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