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Billy Elliot’s world is very different to the one in which we live today. It is difficult to fully understand the struggles that the miners faced during the Coal Miners’ Strike in Northern England, however it is thoroughly reflected through Daldry’s use of imagery.

Example from Billy: The story shows how the son of one of these miners overcomes social prejudice to make his dream of being a ballet dancer come true. Narrow streets with rows of houses on either side symbolise the restrictive nature of the lives of its inhabitants. Even in the first scene, in a low angle shot, we see Billy finding his mother in the countryside and notice the police as an oppressive presence.


THEME: Coming of age and self-discovery: Billy Elliot explores the growth and change of a pre-adolescent boy and his own discovery and acceptance of the fact that he is different from other boys of the same age.
Example from Billy: Billy is hesitant to enter the boxing hall, as he acknowledges his desire to fit in and embody what type of boy he is expected to be, but dreams for more. In this scene, another boy enters the hall and pushes Billy out of the way aggressively; reinforcing the idea that Billy is already an outsider. The ‘swinging door’ then represents the barrier between Billy and the world that he is expected to be a part of.

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THEME: Fulfilling one’s dreams: Billy’s initiation into adolescence faces him with the challenge of standing up for his beliefs and dreams regardless of his social and economic background and the expectations of society.

Example from Billy: Just like Billy, the miners aim for something better and this is depicted through a montage of shots displaying parallel yet opposing scenes. The images of miners juxtaposed against the young ballet dancers shows how each group is expressing themselves differently and attempting to reach their aims. Overhead shots of the miners violently pushing forward are juxtaposed with shots of Billy and the girls dancing gracefully within the studio.

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RELATIONSHIPS: The father-son relationship: Two generations clash due to their...

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