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Themes Of The Color Purple By

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The Color Purple By Alice Walker The Color Purple is a story that is told openly and sincerely by a black woman named Celie. Throughout the course of the story, we are shown Celie's struggle to find herself, love, confidence, independence, and the courage to fight and fend for herself. The novel is written in first person by Celie through letters that she wrote to both God and her sister Nettie, as well as letters written by Nettie to Celie. Through their letters, we become familiar with their emotions, thoughts, and sense of their reality in an honest and genuine manner. In addition to knowing Celie and Nettie, we become acquainted with their family, friends, and way of life. By the time we reach the end of the novel, we are aware of the many different themes like independence, gender issues, and race relations.A struggle for or possession of independence of mind, body, and soul, especially for women, is widely seen throughout the book. We see a transition in Celie from being a timid, young girl with little self worth to a strong, independent woman. She once was a slave to her step-father and later on her husband, but eventually found her own freedom and peace of mind through Shug Avery and other influential women was a fiercely independent woman from the start. She made her own decisions, spoke her mind, and let no one, especially any man, take advantage of her. In a crucial moment for Celie, Shug stood up and made a decision, she said "That's it. Pack your stuff. You coming back to Tennessee with me." She acts on her own terms and does what she feels, no questions asked. Another example of this theme was the way Sofia, Celie's daughter-in-law, carried herself. She wasn't hesitant in the least bit to fight, physically and verbally, for herself or her cause. She offers her advice loud and clear, as blunt and aggressive as it is. She once said "You ought to bash Mr. _____ head (Albert, Celie's husband) open. Think about heaven later," in response to hearing about Albert pushing Celie around. Through these women, we see both universal and personal themes of independence, personal growth and self-respect. Walker is clearly stating the need for women to have their freedom.The gender issues in this book are very prevalent, in both America and Africa. Many of these issues deal with men versus women, mostly men domineering over their wives or other women in general. In the very beginning, Celie is victimized by not only her own step-father (Fonso), but her husband. Many men in this novel try to treat women like slaves, or like they are of little importance. Fonso and Albert talk about her like she's an animal, when talking about the possibility of Albert's and Celie's marriage. Fonso told Albert, "She ugly. Don't even look like she kin to Nettie. But she'll make the better wife. She ain't smart either, and I'll...

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1359 words - 6 pages The Color Purple by Alice Walker is a story written in 1982 that is about the life struggles of a young African American woman named Celie. The novel takes the reader through several main topics including the poor treatment of African American women, domestic abuse, family relationships, and also religion. The story takes place mostly in rural Georgia in the early 1900’s and demonstrates the difficult life of sharecropper families. Specifically

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610 words - 2 pages The book The Color Purple was written by Alice Walker. The book was not written in a conventional manner. It was a series of letters spanning the life of Celie, the main character. Most of the letters were written by Celie and some by her sister Nettie. The theme of the book is to be true to yourself in spite of difficulties and never let go of what you believe in. Do not let people make you think you are something that you are not, then you

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1437 words - 6 pages Abuse, particularly when it comes to black women, often occurred in the early twentieth century. The novel The Color Purple by Alice Walker touches on the abuse Celie endures as a child, and expands upon the struggles she continues battling throughout her adult life. With a husband who carries on an ongoing affair with the mother of his children, Celie comes to the realization that her husband had been hiding letters addressed to Celie written

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1178 words - 5 pages treated her like a slave because she as well was black. All she knows is that she does not enjoy her life and is not even treated like a normal human being. Alice Walker was African American and also lived in Georgia like Celie did. They both had tough times growing up just a bit differently on certain issues. On the book she expresses myriads of different themes, and symbols. One of which is why the book is called The Color Purple. Using

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613 words - 2 pages THE COLOR PURPLE, by Alice WalkerThe Color Purple, by Alice Walker, is a very intense book to read. By intense, I mean it is a book touching very difficult and hard aspects of life of a poor, black oppressed woman in the early twentieth century. Walker does social criticism in her novel, mostly criticizing the way black women were treated in the early twentieth century. Walker uses the life experiences of Celie to illustrate her social

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864 words - 3 pages self-worth. Celie learns that she can experience love and can forge friendships if she makes an effort to extend herself. By the latter half of the movie, Celie gains enough self-confidence to confront Albert and threaten his life while informing him of her planned departure. Once she frees herself from Albert, she opens a tailoring business and enjoys friendship with Shug and Harpo’s family. Celie, the main character in the film The Color Purple

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770 words - 4 pages The Color Purple is an epistolary novel written by Alice Walker. This novel displays the growth and development of an average African-American woman. This novel demonstrates the everyday hardships that were placed on blacks, and how they battled to overcome them. It is a very controversial novel, and touches on a variety of sensitive topics, from spousal abuse, incest, to even lesbianism. Alice Walker vividly explains the difficult, yet

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2014 words - 9 pages The Color Purple, written by Alice Walker, is a very heavy book to read. The author focuses on very difficult and hard aspects of the life of a poor, African American women, in the early twentieth century. Alice Walker truly shows that no one is exempt from the possibility of a happy life and a conscious connection to oneself and all that is around her in nature, regardless of the trials and tribulations of their past. Alice

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1022 words - 4 pages The Color Purple is a story about growth, endurance, loyalty, and joy, all nurtured by the strength of love. There are many themes; some concern the relationship between males and females, the relationship between Africans and black Americans, and personal independence. However, one thing that I felt strongly about was her commitment to G-d. African-American people have had to climb over many obstacles to get to their position today

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885 words - 4 pages Alice Walker: Author Of A LifetimeBiographyAlice Walker is an American author and activist. She wrote the critically acclaimed novel The Color Purple for which she won the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.Early lifeWalker was born in Putnam County, Georgia, the youngest of eight children, to Willie Lee Walker and Minnie Lou Tallulah Grant. Her father, who was, in her words, "wonderful at math but a terrible farmer," earned

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893 words - 4 pages The Color Purple, a book written by Alice Walker, won critical acclaim and praise for the depth of its female characters. The novel focused on Celie, an abused and uneducated black woman who struggled for empowerment. The book grew popular worldwide, and was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1983. As a result, a movie (by the same name) was released two years later. The movie received mixed reviews from different audiences. Even with all the

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1698 words - 7 pages of inappropriate language, racism, physical abuse, rape, incest, homosexuality, violence, and sexism. The Color Purple is a fictional novel that is told by a poor black woman, named Celie, living in rural Georgia in the early twentieth century. Her story is portrayed through letters that she writes to God and then later on too her sister. In her letters she writes about all the pain, humiliation, and struggles that she encounters throughout her

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1039 words - 4 pages In the novel, The Color Purple, there are three main characters who demonstrate meaningful traits of women. Celie, the main character, is the most important of the three. She is influenced by other characters in the novel and is inspired to let herself seek their virtues. Celie's two friends, Shug and Sofia, are both strong women who teach Celie how to achieve the happiness she desires.      Sofia is a woman with

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1691 words - 7 pages a woman named Shug, who makes her realize that there is more to life than she really thinks. Alice Walker’s novel The Color Purple demonstrates the progression of gender roles by emphasizing the importance of being able to express one’s thoughts and discovering oneself. Gender roles are defined as a set of behaviors and or attitudes that is expected from a male and female. These behaviors are instilled in human beings at a very young age by