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Chronicle of a death Foretold

There are numerous significant components that make up every book. Themes are one of the most basic and concrete parts of any novel. In the novel Chronicle of Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez there are many major themes that shape the events that occur within it. Three of the major themes in the novel are dually shared guilt, fate as an evasion of guilt and machismo.

Dually shared guilt is one of the most important themes in the novel. No one in Chronicle of a Death Foretold is purely guilty and Marquez makes every character in the story a partial victim. Angela Vicario, though she names Santiago as her lover and thus condemns him, is a victim of the double standard between the genders in her society. She is persecuted for having premarital sex, returned to her family and beaten, whereas men are expected to go to brothels and have as much premarital sex as they want. She is required to name a lover, any name she could have given would have been a death sentence for that man. Bayardo San Roman is also a victim of deceit, as he married Angela under the pretext that she was a virgin. While we may think that Angela's virginity or lack thereof shouldn't concern him, Bayardo, as a product of his culture, cannot help but return her. Santiago Nasar is obviously a victim as well because he is killed for taking Angela's virginity, an act that he likely did not commit. Finally, the Vicario twins are also victims of societal expectations because they are bound by honor to try to kill the man whom Angela says is her lover. If they hadn't made this attempt, they would have been seen as weak and unmanly.

Another main theme of the novel is fate as an evasion of guilt. The narrator of the novel spends much of his ink in convincing us, or convincing himself, that Santiago Nasar was fated to die under the knives of the Vicario brothers at the specific time and place that the event happens. He fills his narrative with forebodings and omens, all of which clearly point to his death before it happens, though no one...

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