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Robert Frost, one of the most famous poets in the American history, gave a whole new window to the world to view it through poetry. His poetry collection from "North of Boston" to "Mountain Interval" explores many different aspects of his writing. Though he was one of the finest poets in the American history, his works were highly subjected to misinterpretation due to the figurative language used in his works. Most of Frost's successful poems were published after he moved to England in 1912.As a result many of his poems were based on a sense of New England's surroundings, use of nature and the speech of the country side; "Frost fills his eclogues with New England characters and tones of voices" (pg 5 Barry). All of his poems seem to explain the nature of living of people and seem to be self-explanatory on the surface, but his observations have an edge of skeptics and irony, which can be discovered upon several reading. His poems are never as old-fashioned, easy or carefree as they might appear on the surface. Though Frost used the uncomplicated language of the New England countryside, the themes of his poem were more complicated and darker than it actually appeared on surface. Many of his critics like Barry. E and French R highly criticized his use of irony and skepticism in his poems which made it harder for the readers to interpret the real significance of the poem.In the poem "The Road Not Taken" Nature comes into play in the first line of the poem when Frost introduces two separate paths that the speaker has come onto in the woods "Two roads diverged in a lovely woods/And sorry I could not travel on both" (line 1-2).He has to make a choice during his journey in the woods as to which path he should choose to be safe and happy at the end but is not able to decide the right path on which he should travel. The disappointment of the speaker is "[he] could not travel on both [paths]" (line 2).He knew that the possibilities of changing his decision later in life were very slim. So finally the speaker made the decision of traveling the road less traveled by and took the other path(line 6).The speaker would say later in his life that the decision he took in the past has made " ...all the difference"(line 20)and he leaves the outcome to the readers to interpret it. The poem is highly deceptive, however for the readers only the language is simple not the technique, still its accessibility encourages exploration; and when explored, the poem reveals itself, piece by piece, until the piece forms a coherent whole (pg 203 Poetry). This is where the darker side of the poem comes into play and fosters the misinterpretation of the poem.It is possible to misinterpret this poem as a statement of self pity on the poet's part, a feeling perhaps that he has been cheated and misunderstood because he took the unpopular path. To support this point of view, the speaker will some day tell others that he took the unknown road when he was faced with a difficult situation...

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1674 words - 7 pages Robert Lee Frost, b. San Francisco, Mar. 26, 1874, d. Boston, Jan. 29, 1963, was one of America's leading 20th-century poets and a four-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize. Although his verse forms are traditional, he was a pioneer in interplay of rhythm and meter and the poetic use of vocabulary of everyday speech. His poetry is thus, both traditional and experimental. Frost's poems are often set in rural, early 20th century New England

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1269 words - 5 pages difference in Frost's life. Frost's approach towards poetry can be described as "A poet who drove constantly to escape sentimentality, and who talked of necessity of forcing "enthusiasm" through the "prism" of metaphor."(Barry 1973). After reading the three poems of Robert Frost a reader can notice two key literary elements. The first one is the mysterious element which is subject to receiver's interpretation and the second element is the nature

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1029 words - 4 pages the ability to make his poems accessible to anyone reading them. His use of everyday vocabulary and traditional form of poetry made it easy for readers, although translating them is not as easy. Robert Frost's poems are very connotative in nature, making them very profound to read. Frost started writing poetry at the end of the 19th century, in the late Victorian period; when he was about fifteen years of age. He wanted to reform poetic

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1088 words - 4 pages negative throughout her poetry.  She consistently writes of death, and is not very optimistic.  On the other hand Robert Frost has a more optimistic tone.  Although he still writes of death and loneliness he gives a feeling of hope in his writing.  Frost's poetry is softened by his natural, conversational tone where as Dickinson's poems are all lyrical and aim for a single effect.   In "Acquainted with the Night" the overall feeling is solitude

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