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Graham Greene's novel, "The Quiet American," explores a wide range of themes surrounding the dilemma in Vietnam during the Indochina War. Being published in 1955, well before US direct military involvement in Vietnam, gives a perspective of Greene as himself as he was living during the time of turmoil in Vietnam through the main character Thomas Fowler. One can see the interest Greene had in Vietnam and his opinions surrounding the chaotic atmosphere in Southeast Asia. Different characters represent different political views, and sometimes lack there of. Although Greene lives through Fowler, each character holds equal weight in the scheme of the book and the underlying political environment created by Greene.Not only are characters of the book key components to the personal views of Greene but also serve as the conflicts and accords between interests of the United States, powerful and influential people of the world, the Vietnamese people and Vietnamese Nationalists. The relationship these characters form between each other is representative of different sects during this time in history.Alden Pyle, a humble do-gooder who also runs an arms trade under wraps while posing as a humanitarian agent of the Economic Mission. He is an American hiding behind the façade of someone with a legitimate purpose. His involvement in against the Japanese and French occupations is noble. He however goes wrong when he becomes too involved. His involvement leads to his death; which may have been a premonition Greene had of future US involvement in Vietnam. Greene makes his views of a resistance towards involvement in other countries' issues clear. Foreign powers should stay foreign countries.Pyle also is involved in a love triangle with Fowler and Phuong is also of intrigue. He can care of little more than he does of Phuong whom he wishes to marry and would have had Fowler not been overcome by his jealousy. So powerful can love be, enough to want to end another person's life. Phuong, however, is not prone to being emotionally attached to either of these men. She simply wants free of the country she lives in as the people of Vietnam want free of the foreign reign which has governed them for eons.Phuong, the beautiful young dancer of a mere twenty years of age. Siagon's finest, and if only Fowler could make her his he may have been satisfied. She was as the Vietnamese people were, she wanted what the Vietnamese people wanted, a way out. Regardless of the route to be taken, she wanted to take the best route she could without thought of the men who loved her. She is ready to do what it takes to have a better life.Phuong's older sister, Miss Hei, also wants a better life. She has expressions Nationalism to a degree. She want for her sister, Vietnam, to wed a westerner (Pyle), the US. She represents those who are ready to form an alliance with the west if it means bettering their situation, which can also be seen as Ho Chi Minh. What may come of an alliance between...

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The Vietnam War. Essay

965 words - 4 pages The Vietnam War1.Vietnam separated because a man named Ho Chi Ming introduced communisation to Vietnam. The people of North Vietnam wanted Vietnam to be a communist country, but the people of South Vietnam didn't. So South Vietnam decided to separate from North Vietnam. North Vietnam did not like the way that South Vietnam dealt with the situation, and this caused a war.2.The conflict between North and South Vietnam went from 1954 to 1975. There

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2262 words - 9 pages The Vietnam War The Vietnam war was fought by the United States between the years of 1965 and 1973. It was basically the longest war the country had ever engaged itself in. Another important aspect of the Vietnam War, was that it gave rise to the largest and most successful antiwar movement in United States history. As a result of the media, more particularly television, various political and social views held my the many

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1028 words - 4 pages The Vietnam WarOne of the most remembered aspects of the Vietnam War era was student and campus unrest. Student activist played a key role in bringing antiwar ideas to the broader public. Before the Vietnam War Americans held politicians and congressmen in a high regard. Many people had formed their opinions about the war and what the United States intentions were. Some thought that the United States had good intentions about getting involved

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1091 words - 4 pages The Vietnam War Throughout the past century, there have been numerous controversial topics from suffrage to slavery. Perhaps one of the most controversial, at least in my opinion, was the war in Vietnam. Even today, right now, if you ask someone what he or she thinks about the Vietnam War, you are sure to get an earful. But, while opinions have their place, the real questions still linger. How did this war start? What was the United States

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1636 words - 7 pages The Vietnam WarThe United States made the right decision in joining the war efforts of the South Vietnamese. The only mistake was that the U.S. should have done everything in its power to win the war as quickly as possible. The U.S. was obligated by the Truman Doctrine to contain communism. Truly the best way to contain it would beto defeat it.This war was a person changing experience. With all the horrible pain andgore the soldiers had to see

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940 words - 4 pages The Vietnam War To many, the 1960's could definately be considered one of the most controversial decades of this century. It was a time in which many mistakes were made evolving around the Vietnam War which resulted in the immense suffering of two nations. The war had many casualties; along with the death of soldiers and civilians, LBJ's presidency and the 'Great Society' also were killed by the war. The US's fear of the domino theory led

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3446 words - 14 pages 1. IntroductionIt was supposed to be a South Vietnamese war with the U.S. advising those who were frightened in their freedom. But the U.S. would end up doing much more than just advising. The Vietnam War was supposed to be a demonstration of how willing the U.S. was to battle communism, but ended up a personal vendetta against North Vietnamese as the U.S.A. escalated its commitment in Vietnam infinitely greater than it had ever intended. At the

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