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Then And Now Adkins Perception Of The Iliad

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Then and Now Adkins Perception of The IliadIn "Values, Goals, and Emotion in The Iliad," Adkins argues that values, goals, emotions, and behavior of characters in the Homeric poems guides the relationships between the respective values of the characters, poets, audience, and readers. Responding to the perception of readers of the fourth and fifth centuries B.C. and readers of the twentieth century A.D., Adkins claims that a big argument produces so little effect on those in a situation in the twentieth century A.D. then why should the reader believe that a more oblique method is more effective in the eighth century B.C. Using detailed discussion of many important passages, Adkins explains the behavior of the character in different situations that takes place with in values, goals, and emotions in The Iliad specifically book 12 from Sarpedon's speech to Glaucus and book 18. Adkins presents his argument by presenting the reader with a passage and uses the evidence to show the argument as to why it is or is not valid. First, Adkins argues that goals in The Iliad are recognized and achieved throughout. Secondly Adkins uses the definition of values as value-terms applied to persons or actions to commend them. Third, Emotions become relevant as Adkins reveals how characters feel and interact with one another. Explaining that the twentieth and eighth centuries are not much different when it comes to rationalizations, Adkins concludes that there is no reason "why we should believe that a more oblique method was more effective in the eighth century, particularly when there is no evidence to suggest that any such effect was produced or intended" (324).According to Adkins, a readers' community, inner self, and/or workforce can provide goals of which may or may not be attainable, and with goals come rewards. Adkins argues that a "community is employed to commend persons and actions and characteristics" believed to make them able to attain goals (292). Adkins shows when Sarpedon speaks with Glaucus, he makes readers understand that "the privileges of the prominent warriors portrayed in the Homeric poems were deemed to depend on their outstanding prowess in war" (296). According to Adkins, in the twentieth century, showing courage and bravery for the love of your country deems you with recognition world wide along with other...

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