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Theodore Robert Cowell: Stone Cold Killer

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This person is very well known, he is one of the most disgusting men to have walked on this earth. He is known to be very good in the aspect of hiding clues of being a serial killer, rapist, kidnapper, and has a sexual attraction to young women and females. He is confessed to about 30 homicides that took place during a ten year time period in many different states. This man’s total killings could be very much higher but many will never know. Theodore Robert Cowell aka “Ted Bundy” is a man many see today as a stone cold killer. (Krishnan, 2012)
Ted Bundy was born in Burlington, Vermont on November 24, 1946- January 24, 1989 (age 42). Eleanor Louise Cowell gave birth to Ted at the Elizabeth Lund Home for Unwed Mothers. Soon after Ted was born his biological mom moved back in with her parents in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but for many of Ted’s childhood years he was told that his grandparents were his biological parents and his mother Eleanor was his sister. Five years later, Louise and Ted then moved to Tacoma to live with her newly married husband Johnnie Bundy, and he worked as a military cook. (Keppel, 1995)
As Ted grew up he became a very attractive, smart and had an interest in politics. He was liked threw out his high school and performed very well in class room activities. Then soon after graduating high school in 1965, Ted joined the University of Puget Sound and became a very good student but there was a slit draw back for him because many of the students came from wealthy families and he felt very out of place. During his sophomore in 1966, he soon transferred to the University of Washington because of the fact that he felt out of place due to his finances. After three years of college he then dropped out and started working for jobs that paid minimum wages. He then was in a relationship with a girl buy the name of Stephanie Brooks, but she then soon rejected him and moved back to her family home in California, as she was very frustrated with Ted’s immaturity and level of self-drive. (Kendall, 1981)
He had joined back with the University of Washington and Graduated in the year of 1972. He then was accepted to Law School by his test scores and his letter of recommendations from the professors. He then was on a business trip in California and came back into his girlfriend Brooks life in 1973. She however didn’t know that he was still in a relationship with another girl Kloepfer as well as Brooks. He was in Seattle at law school and Brooks would come and visit several times over the time period. Ted and Brooks then started talking about marriage but as soon as that conversation came up he then soon stopped talking to her. Brook then was left wondering why he just stopped talking to her and Ted then said “I have no idea” and he hung up the phone. Brooks never heard from him again. Soon after Ted started skipping classes at law school, and not long after he started skipping he dropped out of law school entirely. ...

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