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Theodore Roethke: This Is About The Basic Life Story And The Meaning Behind This Dramatically Influential American Poet's Works. It's Ap English Vocabulary, Change As Needed.

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A Rose in a Dark Time: Theodore RoethkeThroughout his entire life, a fervent poet writes his personal feelings and interpretations in the form of symbols: the lifeblood of the metaphor. Often these words are written in a form of expression not usually associated with normal everyday thought, but that of a profoundness that evokes only the highest level of emotion. In the early twentieth century America was introduced to the poetry of Theodore Huebner Roethke after a long period of dark, realistic and depressing verse among writers. The son of a greenhouse owner would one day use his vivid ideas of nature and interpretations of the world in a manner that would provide the wilting world of the arts with witty, moving, and provocative verse. That same man would also write of intense personal tensions and the horrors of living in peccadillo.Famous poets such as Whitman, Thoreau, Emerson and Yeats were just a few of the many poets and writers that young Theodore took a particular interest in studying. These stirring lyrical artists all provided a great deal of undeviating augmentation in his ability to turn passionate words into the written work. An equal amount of influence was his personal ambiguity towards emotion in general. He neither loved or hated his father, and constantly felt that he had never truly lived as a human being should. This is evident in his poem "The Flight", which is a personal account of the meanings behind death, and the loss of one's individuality, two subjects that he viewed nearly synonomous. Because of his feelings of isolation in regards to his persona Roethke often felt like he was an outcast, a man with no true identity. To combat these feelings, Roethke would write about the connection between man and nature, an appealing concept to him because it removed the boundaries of personal being, the separation of human existence in regards to characteristics and traits.To state that Roethke was educated would be an understatement. The man possessed a wide array of knowledge from many subjects of contemporary academia. Magna Cum Laude on his graduation, Roethke left the University of Michigan to pursue teaching after brief stints in Law School and Harvard. His desire to finish graduate studies at Harvard was destroyed by the looming depression, and was therefore denied his pursuit of maximum education. He began his professorship at Lafayette college, and later at Michigan State as a teacher of creative literature. Lurking in his brain, however, was a bout of manic depression that would later render him hospitalized. Fortunately, Roethke was able to resourcefully use the feelings and emotions conjured during his "crashes" for his poetry. After publishing Open House Roethke was well-known as a talented poet and provocative thinker. For many years poetry had been very objective, matter-of-fact, impersonal and dry. T.S. Eliot had established the structure of contemporary poetry, and Roethke's lean towards personal outreach and...

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