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Theodore Roosevelt Essay

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During the turn of the twentieth our country was in need of another great president. Who better for the job than Theodore Roosevelt? Theodore Roosevelt was born in New York City on October 27, 1858. He was asthmatic, which at that point in time was a very fatal disease. Teddy was the second child of his parents Theodore and Martha Bulloch Roosevelt. Despite the fact that Theodore Roosevelt was ill quite a lot in his childhood, he enjoyed a very active and adventurous lifestyle. Although, he was not one sided. He enjoyed school and book smart as well. The combination of his outdoor life and need for a further education caused Teddy to be very interested in the study of nature.
During the 1860’s The Civil War broke out. This caused a very large problem in the life of our future president. His mother and Aunt were both southern raised. Although on the other hand we have Teddy's father, a strong supporter of the Union. This caused a large split. Teddy’s mother would send baskets of food and other goodies through enemy. At the same time his father worked for Abraham Lincoln. Seeing all of this unfold, young Theodore was quite interested. He also dreamed of being a Union soldier with the pride and glory of battle (The Life of Theodore Roosevelt).
Another problem with Theodore’s health was his vision. His father would asked young Teddy if he could see a target one day when they went hunting. He could not. It was then that he decided that his son needed to go get his eyes professionally looked at. The checkup revealed that Teddy was very nearsighted. Once he received the glasses it opened up a new world for the young man to further explore and study even more than he previously could.
Just before Theodore turned eighteen, he entered the University of Harvard. He was majoring in Natural History and planned a career in teaching. Soon after attending the School the professors and faculty started to find Roosevelt a little annoying. One time, Teddy asked quite a lot of questions during a lecture and the professor said, “Now look here, Roosevelt, let me talk, I'm running this course!" This shows us how interested he was in...

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