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Born October 27, 1858, Teddy Roosevelt has become one of the most noted presidents of the United States. Mr. Roosevelt was born in New York City to philanthropist, Theodore Roosevelt and socialite Martha Stewart Bulloch. He had an older sister named Anna, a younger brother named Elliot and a younger sister named Corinne. Teddy was often ill as a child, suffering from asthma and had to sleep propped up. These illnesses never stopped young Teddy, though. He was always energetic and later started boxing to try to help his poor physical condition. His father had a profound influence on him and he spoke very highly, saying that he was the best man Teddy ever knew, who never tolerated selfishness, cruelty or untruthfulness.
For schooling, Teddy was mainly home schooled by both his parents and tutors. He was quite knowledgeable in geography and well read in history, though he struggled in math. In 1876 Teddy entered Harvard College where he excelled in biology and became a well renowned naturalist. After graduating from Harvard he was told to get a desk job because of heart problems, instead, Teddy entered Columbia Law School.
In 1881 he dropped out of law school to run for New York Assembly. He won and instantaneously became a rising star in the Republican Party. In 1883 he was voted as minority speaker where he stayed until losing it in 1884. Through his years of working there he was an activist, and wrote more bills than any other legislator did. Also in 1884, he attended the Republican National Convention. After this, he went out west to live on his ranch that he had bought.
After a very strong winter that killed his cattle, Teddy returned to the East, where he subsequently ran for Republican mayor of New York. He lost the election and moved back out west, to North Dakota. After returning once again, he become New York City Police Commissioner, in 1895. As commissioner, he radically changed the department and helped it lose its reputation as most corrupt. Two years later, Roosevelt was appointed Assistant Secretary of the Navy by President McKinley. Once he left the army three years later, he was elected governor of New York. Then, in the election of 1900, McKinley choose him as his running mate, therefore making Roosevelt Vice President of the United States.
In 2001 McKinley was shot and killed. Teddy Roosevelt was now the president of the United States. He was only 43, and was the youngest president the US has had. Roosevelt’s stance was that he took whatever action was best for the citizens of the United States, unless expressly forbidden by the Constitution, and he greatly increased executive power. He wanted the US to be an arbitrator between economic differences in the US and would give justice to all.
One of Roosevelt’s biggest accomplishments was the construction of the Panama Canal. This, along with the national parks system, was one of the things he is best known for. He really stepped up his current reputation as a naturalist...

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