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Theodore Roosevelt's 3 Major Contributions Essay

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Theodore RooseveltTheodore Roosevelt began his presidency in 1901, and by the time he left in 1908, he had imprinted a significant mark in American history. Theodore, also known as Teddy and T.R., helped nurture a still young country into the magnificent nation it has become today. An incredible amount of work had to be completed before this transformation of a nation could be accomplished. T.R. devoted every minute of his presidency to prepare America for the turn of the century. America was indefinitely shocked by the changes the 20th century brought with it, but Teddy's efforts helped reduce the effect of the shock. The major three contributions of Theodore Roosevelt's presidency are, in order of importance, his involvement in increasing the authority of the presidency in domestic affairs, his efforts in conserving the environment, and most important of all, his preparation of America's rise to become a world power.T. R. made many contributions to the domestic area in America. His efforts paved the way for major changes including Women's rights and African American's rights. He helped prepare the country for Martin Luther King to lead the blacks out of their persecution. Roosevelt's contributions made America finally achieve its dream of equality of all persons. Also he contributed in the industrial area facing monopolies and worker strikes. An example, was when the miners set out a strike and caused a decreased amount of much needed coal. Roosevelt provided immediate action threatening to work the mines using the Army if the owners of the company did not negotiate with the miner's union. Also Roosevelt renewed the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 and brought over thirty corporations into the Supreme Court. T.R. realized that if this nation would have to have its domestic problems solved before it could progress in other areas.Conservation is Theodore Roosevelt's second great contribution. Although some historians consider this to be his most important achievement, it falls short in his preparation of building America's defense forces up. No matter what anyone says, human lives are far more important that the conservation of forests. However, the conservation of this nation's forests and environment is incredibly important and Roosevelt foresaw the rise of industrial waste. Immediately T.R. started protecting forests in National Parks. By the time he was done he had increased the...

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