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Theological Approaches Essay

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 Bull’s eye: The bull’s eye approach theorizes that God already has a detailed plan for every individual. This approach also states that to those who seek Him, He will reveal His plan for them. They believe that once we hit the “bull’s eye” on His will, then life will be as God intended it to be.
• Wisdom (two variations):
 Biblical Wisdom Emphasis: According to Horton, “Christians should make decisions based primarily on the guidelines revealed in the Bible, their one truly dependable source of God’s revelation” (p. 9). This means that the Bible should be the only source of wisdom. They also promote the use of wise council as well as utilizing the individual’s abilities and skills in order to determine God’s will.
 Pragmatic Christian Wisdom Approach: The pragmatic Christian Wisdom Approach promotes “The use of wise counsel and common sense as well as the responsible use of their strengths, talents, and abilities, but these Christians place less of a priority on the Scriptures” (p. 10). They believe in determining God’s general will as opposed to their specific plans He has for them. They still value praying for wisdom, but they prefer to seek wise council.
• Relationship-formation: Relationship-formation approach states that God is actively involved in the world and the decisions people make regardless whether He has a detailed plan for them or not. One analogy used to describe this approach is to compare our relationship to God to a parent’s relationship with their child. Another analogy that is used is the relationship between the shepherd and His sheep.

Relative to the three approaches presented by Horton (2009), explain the approach you understand Thomas is pursuing to discern the will of God for his life – and the reasons that have contributed to this determination: I believe Horton is pursing the relationship formation-approach. When describing the relationship formation-approach, he describes it as having the most amount of freedom. He also describes the relationship approach in more detail than the other two...

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