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Theological M Eanings And Imagery In Man Of Steel

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Theological Meanings and Imagery in Man of Steel
Man of Steel offers many theological meanings and imagery to the life of Jesus Christ and the Bible. The character of Superman depicts a Christ like figure, but there are other things in the movie that have a theological perspective and shows aspects of Christ’s life here on this earth and His entire backstory. Superman will always contain the messiah myths told by Christians. Many good stories are written with the use of myths and cultures and religions. Some writers do this to give an idea for viewers to ponder on, while other writers use it for emotional attachment. Some of the best characters in the history of fiction are based off of myths, folklore and religion. This paper will discuss the details of the “Christ” figure, his symbolism, and his origin. It will also discuss the topic of faith that comes up in the film and the symbolism of hope.
The thing about the character is that he is a man who is also super and has these powers. As someone who is not of this earth, Kal-El has to try and fit in as a human. The beginning of the film shows the intergalactic backstory of Kal-El’s birth on the doomed and imploding planet of Krypton. Kal is born with the last name of El, which in Hebrew means God. His father, Jor-El, opposes the beliefs and tyranny of General Zod. Going against the planet’s genetics program, he and his wife, Lara, have Kal-El naturally and, to save the newborn, they send him to Earth. Lara worries that her son will be “an outcast, a freak,” but Jor-El says that “he’ll be a god to them.” When you put the origin into biblical terms, you can pick some things out that are in the Bible. For instance, you can see that General Zod is the equivalent to King Herod. He wants Kal-El so he can have his rule over Krypton and also to kill him because he was the first natural birth. Zod and his followers are also a depiction of fallen angels, pursuing and trying to kill the Christ-like Superman. To save him, Jor-El and Lara must hide him. Mary and Joseph did the same thing when they were about to have Jesus. Kal-El is Krypton’s “last son,” or otherwise “the only begotten son.” Kal-El is born so that his entire planet may break free of the rigidness of the “patriarchal-imposed” acceptance, but in doing so equally offers the people of Earth the same nature of free will to be whomever they desire to be, without sovereign control or fear of punishment. Kal-El is the sacrifice offered so that we might be free to finally flourish as humans.
Kal-El is then sent down to Earth after the destruction of Krypton. His space pod crash lands in Kansas where he is found and later adopted by the Kents. The Kents are Man of Steel’s Mary and Joseph. Jonathan and Martha Kent are the ones who teach their new son, Clark, his morals. The core of that morality comes from the father; in effect, Jor-El is God the Father, and Clark Kent’s Joseph is Jonathan. He knows that Clark will be forced to play a larger role...

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