Theoretical Analysis On Australian Terror Laws.

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Social AnalysisTheoretical analysis involves using three sociological theories: conflict, functionalism and interactionism in order to analysis social issues. By looking at the past and recently updated Australian anti-terror laws, we can analysis this further with respect to how many of these new anti-terrorism laws have, in fact, infringed more on religious freedoms and racist rhetoric that is masked by these laws. Recently, there has been constant raids being performed within the Muslim community that has brought many readers of these articles to wonder if this is an attempt to flush out the terrorists, or, is this simply an aggressive act toward one single group of the community to engage in a racist coup?The recent raids in Sydney show that the counter-terrorism units of the Australian Federal Police are intent on arresting anyone with ties or sympathetic to terrorism. The recent raid did, according to police, ensure that a large scale terrorist plan that was in the process of being carried out. Although the raids and new anti-terrorism laws that were rushed through Parliament provide far greater powers bestowed upon the police are ensuring that, as quoted by the New South Wales Police Commissioner Ken Moroney, that "this has nothing to do with ethnic origin, cultural beliefs or religious beliefs, this is about people preparing to commit an act of terrorism" (World News, 2005)Anti-Terrorism Laws and Probability ScenariosThe scope of the new anti-terrorism laws played a large part in the aforementioned raid and will continue to be instrumental in future arrests in that the Police will be allowed to detain suspected terrorists for longer periods of time, "up to 24 hours, and up to 48 hours with the approval of a judge". (Bukhari, 2005) The basic underlying sentiment of this type of new laws is that there is "jail term for ill will and objectors" (Bukhari, 2005) these continued raids upon the Muslim communities for the suspected terrorists have basically made this community frightened. But, "they are doubly concerned for the fallout. This is not going to end speculation about the Muslims and the religious and radical profiling of people" (Bukhari, 2005) which has only made this community even more prone to racial bigotry, via "people being spat on, assaults including ripping off of headscarves" (Bukhari, 2005) by anti-Muslim and anti-Islamic groups.The defacto social issue surrounding these arrests is not so much to deal with those who are ignorant of human indignities, but, rather the amount of power that has been bestowed upon the police and the Australian government to enable raids on what may be innocent people within the Muslim community; and, with these raids, could intelligence be flawed or hurried in order to make arrests against said innocent people. This could in fact lead to secular violence and backlash from the affected community.Theoretical AnalysisTheoretical analysis involves three main sociological theories: conflict,...

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