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Inconsistent and Consistent Information in the Psychology of Stereotypical Behavior.
The theoretical and practical implications of inconsistent and consistent information in the Psychology of Stereotypical Behavior differentiates in two ways. With consistent information, a group is known for certain behaviors (negative or positive), and the subject who is analyzing the behavior may lose interest since the known behavior is consistent with the stereotype. However, when a group shows inconsistencies of the perceived stereotypical behaviors, then the analyzer will question the inconsistencies, and give specific attention to the group.
Case Study
Practical Consistent Behavior
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124), that was mentally filed in the ‘racist category.’ The author was not disappointed in the assessments of labeling Sterling as a racist after repeatedly viewing Sterling’s behavior in the media, confirming the consistent schema of racist behaviors, thus giving “attention and identification” (Schneider, 2004, p. 124) to Sterling as a racist.
Case Study
Theoretical Inconsistent Behavior
Theoretically, it is known that human beings find inconsistent behavior more interesting than consistent. What this means is if a behavior is consistent with a stereotype of a group, the subject perceiving the behavior will not make any effort to continue monitoring the behavior because of its consistent of the stereotypical behavioral traits. However, if a stereotypical group or target changes behavior, thus making the behavior inconsistent, the subject will monitor the behavior more closely looking for reasons of inconsistencies. According to Hilton et al, subjects pay more attention to behaviors that are “inconsistent with their expectations and schema’s” (as cited in Schneider, 2004, 125). In an example, suppose a subject had a general negative stereotype regarding an ethnic group. Should one or a few within the ethnic group show differing behavioral traits, this is considered inconsistent behavior, and according to Schneider (2004), “additional attention and processing will be given to that behavior” (125). But, in comparison to consistent behavior, if the behaviors showed evidence of the perceived stereotypical behaviors, then the subject would disregard the group as typical. Furthermore, if the behavior was inconsistent, Schneider (2004), mentions how the subject would be “motivated to process information about the target more carefully, [and] may be stuck by stereotype-inconsistent information that is likely to capture an undue amount of attention” (125).

In comparing and contrasting inconsistent with consistent behaviors the author can verify this hypothesis by using her own life as an example. Practical consistent behaviors are easily and readily confirmed daily. ...


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