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Theoretical Paper

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The present study examines the relationship between the increment of stress increasing as the age increment increases. Statistical analysis demonstrates that stress does not change in the coagulation parameters of the increasing of age. Throughout Medical and scientific history, there have been psychological experiments conducted that depict that age is a major contributor to the stress levels of an individual. However, this is not indeed the case. This statistical analysis of the data provided depicts that the inference of age inducing higher levels of stress is incorrect in this specific study conducted. In can be concluded that although age is a perimeter for stress induced symptoms such ...view middle of the document...

2013). In conclusion to this study the experimenter’s deduced that Adult rats were more sensitive to acute restraint and social deprivation stress more so than adolescent rats (Avcevedo et al. 2013). In another study conducted by Malone, examined the relationship between Personality, Cognitive Functioning, Age and Coping with Daily Stress (Malone 2013). He deduced that, “cognitive functioning may interact with one’s age and personality, further influencing decision making processes for coping with daily life stress” (Malone 2013). In essence, Malone concluded that age was a probable cause for not being able to cope with daily stress thereby increasing the levels of stress in an individual’s life (Malone 2013). In a different study conducted by Martin and associates, the research conducted revolved around the age differences in stress, social resources and well-being in middle and older age (Martin et al. 2001). The experiment was as follows,
“On Day 1, the participants were given a brief overview of the study. After this, the order of presentation that the measurement instruments followed was counterbalanced. Half of the sample was first interviewed in one-on-one settings in two data collection centers in Heidelberg and Leipzig, Germany. The interview lasted an average of 5 hr, and measures for the present analyses taken from the interview took an average of 45 min to complete. After the interview, the participants went through a battery of tests from different disciplines participating in the study. The other half of the sample received the test battery before the interview. Participants returned for a second day within a week of their initial visit. Upon return, the participants went through the detailed medical examination and an additional set of questionnaires (Martin et al. 2001).
The conclusion drawn from this experiment was older aged people would not have the ability to counteract stress with social resources whereas middle aged persons could accomplish this for the majority of the population (Martin et al. 2001). In conclusion the three studies referenced display the past and current studies that link age to developing stress in individuals and that stress is increasing with aging individuals.
Theoretically age is a factor of stress but only on a microscopic scale, stress is not a majorly developed attribute simply due to a person aging. In a study done by Glise and associates demonstrated whether stress related exhaustion was effected by sex or age (Glise et al. 2012). The study was conducted included 232 patients (68% women) referred to a stress clinic and fulfilled the criteria for Exhaustion Disorder (Glise et al. 2012). Symptoms were assessed at 3,6,12 and 18 months by a Questionnaire and the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale. In results showed that there were no differences in symptoms to burnout, depression or anxiety at any time measured in both young and old patients and did not chance directly due to aging within the...

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