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What would you state as the most baffling mystery in Egypt? Some people say it’s the pyramids. Others say it’s the gods. But in my opinion, it’ll be the mystery of King Tutankhamun’s death. It’s still a mystery that scientists, archaeologists, and Egyptologists are still unsure of the answer. This brings to my topic of the paper: the theories of how King Tut died.
This is a brief history of King Tut. King Tutankhamun , who is known as King Tut, or Tutankhaten was the son of Akhenaten and The Younger Lady , who is possibly Tiye. His father was famous for forcing the Egyptians to change the beliefs and customs of Egypt. During King Tut’s throne, Tut made many restorations of the original religious gods and beliefs that his father changed. After King Tut died, his vizier, Aye, or also written as Ay, took the throne. Even though his history was not unique nor his influence, he was popular in the archaeologists, ancient cultures, and modern day culture for his nearly intact tomb. His golden mask represented the riches of Egyptian tombs in minds of modern people. His tomb inspired the future generations of pharaohs. His reign startled many archaeologists. But even now, many Egyptologists are still trying to uncover his unexpected and unrecorded passing away.
The most possible and likely theories of King Tut’s demise are either being hit and crashed into by a speeding chariot or an enraged hippo’s bite. When histologists ran a CT scan, they were surprised to see massive damages in the corpse. Bones were broken in numerous places like in the ribcages and thighbone which supports the theory of being hit by a chariot and a hippo bite. It supported the chariot premise because a horse is likely to charge straight into his legs and ran over him and crushed his ribcage. The evidence as well applies to the hippo bite presumption, because he was hunting on a boat and the hippo can bite once in his legs to cause king tut to topple into the water, before delivering bites into the king’s body. The scientists also noticed that his heart and patella is missing which is very distinctive from other mummies. The Egyptians embalmers never removed the heart or any bone since they believed that unless the dead have the whole body present, he/she cannot go to next life. However, there are also opposing statements to the above assumptions. Dr. Zahi Hawass, the Director of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities stated that: "Part of the team believes that the above scenario is absolutely not possible. They maintain that the fracture mentioned above can only have been done by Carters team during extraction of the body from the coffin. They argue that if such a fracture had been suffered in life, there would have been evidence for hemorrhage or hematoma present in the CT scan. They believe the embalming liquid was pushed into the fracture by Carters team" (The Death of King Tut). There also paintings and artifacts that supports the conjecture. In the tomb paintings, it...

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