Theories Of Resurrection Of The Body Are Logically Incoherent.

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Resurrection is a Christian, materialist view that the body rises after death in a physical form, with the main evidence of this being the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Resurrection is central to the Christian faith as it marks the start of Christianity from the Jewish scriptures. There are many differing views about the plausibility of resurrection. Some may believe that resurrection is only based on theories, therefore not proved beyond doubt, and that these theories don't make sense. Hard materialists such as Hume will support this view, saying that death is the end and the decomposing body is evidence of that.However this opinion may not necessarily be true. The base of many theories of resurrection is the bible, which suggests that talk of physical resurrection of Jesus is logical as there is recorded evidence through the accounts of Luke, Matthew, Mark and John. These accounts can be seen as evidence that theories of resurrection are logical because they are classed as eye witness accounts. Matthew reported that Jesus appeared to the disciples and said "peace be with you". They came up to him, took hold of his feet, and worshiped him.' (Mathew 28 V9) Mark also says that Mary saw a man in the tomb and he said 'You are looking for the Jesus of Nazarene, who was crucified. He has risen!'(Mark 16 V6) but Mary was too scared and didn't tell anyone. Another source of evidence was Luke's statement when Jesus appeared; 'They gave him a piece of cooked fish, which he took and ate' (Luke 24 V41-43). Then finally John said Jesus appeared to Thomas, saying 'put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side' (John 20 V27). These accounts support a Christian materialist view that Jesus' resurrection was physical as he could eat, be touched, walk, speak and breathe. They are considered as evidence as they are written historical accounts. The evidence must be reliable; would they risk their lives for made up stories?Not only is there evidence for the existence of resurrection, but the concept of it appears to make sense through John Hick's eschatological verification. John Hick formulated three points that show how something can be verified. In his conclusion he said that life after death can be verified if you are still a conscious being after death. It can never be falsified because you are dead. This theory is illustrated by what is known as 'the celestial city'. Within this story there is an atheist and a theist walking down a road. One thinks that there is a celestial city at the end and the other thinks there is nothing, they will find out which one is right at the end. The theist view will be verified but the atheist view can never be verified as they will not be conscious beings. Therefore resurrection theories are logical as they can never be proven wrong but can be proven to be true.John Hick also formulated replica theory, as another way to prove that resurrection is logically coherent. This theory states the...

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