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Theory Essay

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Ernestine Wiedenbach was a nursing leader. She was born on August 18, 1900 in Hamburg, Germany. She moved to New York, United States in 1909. She graduated nursing from Johns Hopkins School of Nursing in 1925 and certified nurse midwife from maternity center association school nurse-midwife in New York 1946. She began her career as a maternity nursing instructor at Yale faculty in 1952. In 1954 and 1956, she worked as an assistant professor of obstetrics nursing and an associate professor respectively (Sante, 2011).
In general people’s perception, nursing is a profession about caring for sick people. According to the Florence Nightingale (Alligood, 2013) nursing is to be accountable for other people’s health condition. Nursing theorist Wiedenbach made nursing easier to understand by defining the terms that are frequently used in the nursing practice such as nurse, patient, nursing skill, knowledge, a need for help, judgment, nursing skill and person. Weidenbach gave a definition of patient as an individual, ill or well, who seek any suggestion, care or instruction that is related to the health (Sante, 2011). This illustrates that everyone is a patient in some way because if a person is asking about tips to be healthy, diets to reduce cholesterol s/he is also a patient in Wiedenbach’s patient definition. Another important term frequently used in nursing is a nurse. Nurse is a person who feels and thinks about the patient in addition to work (Sante, 2011).
Nursing theory helps managers, executive level, nurses and other health care team to understand about nursing and its contribution in healthcare sector. Nursing theory helps to guide and solve problem in a clinical practice. Also, nursing theory is crucial for educators, academicians and clinicians (Cragin, 2004). Nursing theory and literature recognize nurses need to understand self in order to take action for other’s need professionally (Vandemark, 2006). Weidenbach’s theory of “helping art of clinical nursing” has four major elements that are philosophy, purpose, practice and art. Philosophy is the thoughts and principle of a nurse that provides baseline for a nurse to act in different situation of his/her life (Sante, 2011).
In our life, there is always a purpose to do things. Nurses take care of sick or well people and help them to make their lives better. The purpose of nurse is to make client physically, mentally and socially better. According to the international council of nurses (2010), nursing is to provide care by promoting health, preventing illness and caring ill, disabled and dying patient by promoting good environment and participating in making health policies. Weidenbach stated that the purpose of a nurse is to perform all the activities for the good of patient and achieve goals through his/her performance (Sante, 2011). A study by Holub et al. (2007) conducted to identify high risk of pregnancy in adolescents, it was found that adolescents with increased stress have...

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