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Theory Application Paper

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I. INTRODUCTIONAdvertising is mass communication an advertiser pays for in order to convince a certain segment of the public to adopt ideas or take actions of benefit to the advertiser ("The History of Advertising").In other words, advertising is a form of communication as well as a marketing function where the advertiser pays for the use of the communications media. It is non-personal (compared to personal selling) and has to be persuasive and convincing in order to sell or secure favorable consideration. The advertiser has to communicate facts and ideas to the public in such a way that the information fits the needs, wants, and interests of the public (Crisostomo 4).Although the goals of advertisements may differ from ad to ad, there are generalizations that can be made. The first would be that ads are made to sell products, ideas, or services. The actual sale may be immediate or eventual and it is accomplished through the mass media rather than the salesperson.The second generalization is that ads are there to develop goodwill and build prestige. This is accomplished through institutional or public-interest advertising.Ads are also there to pre-sell products. With brand advertising, corporations are able to condition the minds of consumers to be loyal to their brand and purchase their products in the future.Ads are also used to widen the demand for a product. This demand can be increased if the advertisement can demonstrate alternative ways of using the particular product. This requires an investigation of the primary, secondary, and potential uses of the product.Ads are also aimed to establish brand superiority. Although by itself, advertising does not create an industrial monopoly, it can lead to the establishment of brand superiority and dominance.Another goal of advertising is to maintain patronage. Retail establishments, particularly, depend on advertising largely in order to maintain customer patronage.The last objective of advertising is to speed up the movement of merchandise. This is accomplished through the stimulation and expansion of demand (Crisostomo 14).To achieve these goals, an advertisement must appeal to human desires. There are two types of human desires: the primary wants and secondary wants (Gomez and Arante 52).In order for an ad to be effective, it must be continuous and long-term. It is said to consist of a cycle of three stages: introductory advertising, competitive advertising, and retentive advertising (Crisostomo 12).Advertising is a means of mass communication where words and symbols are required to convey the basic theme to the audience. Choosing the wrong word or symbol may give or arouse images that are contrary to the advertiser's purpose. These words and symbols make up the elements of an advertisement. These elements, specifically, are: the copy, the headline, the images, and the logo (Crisostomo 184-195).For different mediums, different ways of writing advertising copies are done but must always be written...

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