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The Source, Nature, and Generation of the Graviton Field


The paper examines the possibility that atomic structures exists as complete self sustaining entities in identical form throughout the Universe, without any form of external input. The paper examines the energy budget of an atomic structure and concludes that gravitational attraction forms an inherent function of the structure in the form of low level quanta ejected from the structure as the final spent particle. It is postulated that all so far identified sub atomic particles are sourced from a single particle, in the central, heavy core, giving up energy in a Bohr/quanta manner as they perform particular functions within the structure. These various energy demands are consistent with the often quoted atomic half life of 1032 years.
A mechanism by which a self sustaining structure generates an attraction field is described, together with the mechanism by which multiple structures interact. The process relating to interaction within a single structure is also described. The paper examines the nature of the gravitational field. It follows from the prognosis that the atomic particles identified so far from accelerators, are formed by a quanta/energy degradation which takes place. The core exists as a single entity in an electron, this same particle forming an assembly in all the structures identified in the periodic table.
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The nature of the graviton field.


In the theory now presented by the author, the long sought graviton particle is viewed as the 'Spent' or residual, low energy particle arising from the proton/neutron/electron exponential decay process. This decay represents the energy required to support the atomic structure in its normal state over its lifetime. In what follows, mass is viewed as a measure of the internal activity of these components, and is related directly to the internal energy transfers being enacted. The energy possessed by a complete atomic structure has been estimated (by other earlier authors), to decay (exponentially) with a half life of 10³² years. Using this estimate as fact, a budget of the Earths total energy resources and the functions performed from this resource has been prepared by the author, This analysis is given in Appendix A . The analysis indicates that the energy required to support Gravitational attraction, is readily available from the intrinsic Earth reserve of energy, without recourse to any form of external contribution. Since electrons also possess mass, and therefore exhibit internal activity, it follows that they too are generating their own gravitational field as well as being subject to gravitational attraction by the components forming the nucleus. It is more than probable that this binding by an internally sourced, non electric field, forms part if not the whole of the Strong Force. Electrons thus marginally contribute to the attraction being generated within the...

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