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Theory Of Job Enrichment/Job Design Essay

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Goal setting is about linking tasks to performance and it is used to establish and present counsel to employees on how much efforts are demanded and what work need to be done. In the HIS case work reflects the goals of the department. At the lowest point, which is the employee level, a job is set as task, duties, assignments and duties for a stratum of employees. The overall work would be constituted by the total aggregation of all department jobs. The role of the leaders will be to examine departments alignment in order to achieve organizational goals. Four different levels being engineering, restructuring, work redesign and job redesign are used to ...view middle of the document...

These changes in work were caused by changes in the pace of tasks or services which was department-specific or industry-wide. HIS Departments came up with new tasks of receiving, reviewing, coordinating, and tracking responses and appeals to queries and denials of Recovery Audit Contractors.


Over time, these changes caused by events and pace modify a department's work and jobs, this modification was almost imperceptible to health information leaders, particularly as they were caught up in immediate and pressing tasks, the end result was an alteration of work and jobs to the point of distortion, fragmentation, and overload. In the face of these misalignments, it was the responsibility of management to reorganize work and restructure jobs to for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Managers and directors of HIS Departments would routinely and periodically assess work and jobs to align them to the current processes and record them as indicators. These indicators fall into three types: sector changes, organizational changes, and employees' perceptions.


Changes occur on an ongoing basis because of socioeconomic issues, cultural transformations, new technologies, fresh or revised ordinances, and new or revised accreditation or certification criteria. One technological change at the sector level was the changeover from a newspaper-based environment in health care to an electronic environment. This alteration has not merely changed the nature of the work, but also made changes in the economy, regulations, and accreditation criteria. These sector-level changes alter the operations of HIS Departments, in addition to assuring the...


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