Theory Of Knowledge Should We Trust Experts? Village School, 11th Grade Speech

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On December 24th my family and I were sitting around the dinner table enjoying Christmas dinner when we got a phone call that my uncle had been rushed to the hospital because he kept having seizures. The doctors had to put him in a medical induced coma to stop the seizures from happening. They then diagnosed him with glioblastoma a type of brain cancer. He went through numerous brain surgeries to remove the tumors and was in a coma for about a month. So at the time my family and I had to put all of our faith and trust into the doctors and believe that they knew what they were doing.
So that got me thinking… to what extent should we trust an authority figure?
An authority figure is someone whom we look for to give us advice in something they specialize in. Most feel that an authority figure should possess a vast amount of knowledge in the field they specialize in.
This real life situation made me question the reliability of expert opinions as I tried to understand when we should trust these opinions.
An expert is defined as a person who is very skilled at doing something or who knows a lot about a particular subject. The reason why most people tend to trust experts may be that people know experts have more knowledge and experience than them so those people’s thoughts make experts’ image trustworthy. However, people know that not every expert is believable. They decide using the expert’s reputation. For instance, even though there are many doctors that people can go to and see, most people will receive treatment and believe a doctor who has a good reputation. This is because having a good reputation means that the doctor gained trust from people already. Since people do not have sufficient knowledge like experts do. People have no choice but to believe and trust the authorities. Not because people know that they are always right, but because they don’t have any better knowledge to offer. I was able to put some trust in the doctors when my grandparents, who were with my uncle at the time, told me about the doctor who was operating on my uncle and reassured me about their abilities
Emotion plays a large part in trust. If you think about it, trust is just a strong gut feeling that you get. Obviously when we heard from the doctors that they were going to put my uncle into a medical induced coma i didn’t want them to because it sounded scary to me and bad and the fact that they didn’t for sure know when he was going to wake up made me worried and sad. So my emotions pushed my reasoning aside and took over because I was worried for my family. I started thinking the worst things that could happen..”What if he never wakes up?” “What if I never get to say bye”? However when my mom actually sat me down and gave me the doctors reasoning I then started to trust their decisions more because it seemed logical to me to put him in the coma to stop his seizures. Reasoning brings out inductive feeling like “do my emotions make sense?” Reason seems...

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