Theory Of Knowledge Is Global Warming True

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THEORY OF KNOWLEDGEThe real life situation that I am about to enquire in my presentation is the diminishing ice-caps on Mt. Kilimanjaro. Many among the audience here might relate to it as an example of man-made global warming and so did I until I was introduced to another ideologically differing set of climate scientists who claim that the phenomenon is not due to the anthropogenic global warming but rather due to the sublimation of ice cap, a natural phenomenon. So the basic question that prompts in our minds is: WHAT IS THE EVIDENCE? And what intrigued me further was the fact that the two had an equally competent evidences to prove their scientific claims creating a scenario of if "epistemologically- speaking" then a situation of binary thinking and creating skepticism in our minds about a topic which not very lately was an undisputed stand. Having understood the scenario to certain extent, I have been brought down to my today's KI- How far can we rely on the scientists' establishment of the truth to conform to the reality? When I say reality here, I mean something that is absolute, unaltered, something that has been existent since the time of the Big Bang (if we believe that to be the cause of the formation of our galaxy!) and in the case of our real life situation the diminishing ice-caps on Mt. Kilimanjaro serves as the reality while on the other hand, by the truth (and if you might have noticed I have made the usage of the term 'establishment' just before it in the KI) so what truth to me is say, in this case, I mean the scientists' version projecting their beliefs and ideas which they have attempted to establish in the course of their interpretation of the reality backed by evidences.I would like to start out with a plain reasoning of mine that crossed me at the very beginning when I delved into this RLS. I would like to make use of a basic mathematical sum:@solving a simultaneous equationAs you might have noticed, our approaches to the same mathematical sum have been different.Now, the idea is that while we both approached the sum which temporarily here would be the reality, the outcome however turned out to be the same. In addition, both of us also had our justification for using the particular approaches on the same subject and while despite this difference in approach failed to bring out any difference, it served as a first premise to my understanding. So now let us bring in the picture the scientists from both the sphere to which I would from hence address as: ACCEPTORS AND DENIERS respectively on the basis of their claim towards the presence of anthropogenic global warming and the nots to serve as the second premise. On the basis of their independent research and thereby approach to the same subject of reality and respective evidences to back it similar to that of the case in our first premise, what could then be deduced was that the expected conclusion should of the two have been in analogy with one another if not identical...

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