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Theory Paper

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There are various theories as to why crime occurs. For as long as Crime has come about, there have been repercussions for those actions. Due to the occurrence of Crime, questions have surfaced. Such as; why crime occurs or why individuals commit crimes? The best theory to answer each question would be the Classical Theory of crime. The Classical Theory simply states that any individual who breaks the law does so in free will while understanding the effects. Classical theorists believed "the more swift, and certain the punishment, the more effective it would be." Classical Theorists aided in the influence and shaping of the United States Criminal Justice system. Many classical school philosophers based their arguments around the theory. One argument states that punishment would dissuade people from crime because the punishment is a lot worse. The classical theory is best at explaining crime, because it can also define characterize many other types of crime; explanations are as followed.
During the 18th century, discipline for crimes were a lot more severe. Many prisons were developed and used as a more uniform way of punishment. The rise of the United States legal system also took place during this time. Crime is socially constructed, which basically means that societies define what they believe should be prohibited and deemed criminal. Jeremy Bentham expressed that people are hedonist, or in other words driven by the quest of pleasure. Criminals often believe that the reward of the act will be greater than the possible repercussions.
A present-day model of the Classical Theory would is the Rational Choice Theory. Ration choice uses free will as the main idea of the theory. More over, with a much deeper definition being that wrongdoers exploit tactical reasoning to judge rewards and risks. Offenders contemplate details such as the choosing of the sufferer, the best plan of action to commit the crime, and even which offense they will commit to achieve the best outcome. The rational choice theory is much the same to the theory put forward by Bentham. Though the rational choice theory proposed ways to prevent crime if criminals are aware that they can indeed be apprehended and punished. An offender knowing such things would then deter them from committing crime. This theory...

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