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Theory Paper

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Every human being living on earth has a particular personality that makes them unique. As creatures of both nature and nurture, it’s important to consider that there are a variety of factors that contribute to the development of our personality (Barness & Parish, 2013). Personality is a set of traits and characteristics unique to an individual. Without the existence of different personalities, everybody would think, act, and display the same emotions in a given scenario. Although it seems as if sometimes it’s a natural thing to act a specific way, the environment we find ourselves in is what ultimately shapes and constraints us to act in a certain matter (“What is Personality,” 2009). The ...view middle of the document...

In contrast, operant conditioning, introduced by BF Skinner, deals with the consequences of our actions and it is used to shape behavior. Although both techniques involve conditioning, operant conditioning uses rewards and punishments in order to progressively shape a desired behavior (Cherry, 2013).
The theory of behaviorism is not black and white, but it can be concluded that almost everything is shaped by conditioning and the environment. According to behaviorists, we are born a blank slate. Simple things and complex ideas about life are actively built as we grow up. As we move through the stages of life, we acquire unique characteristics through interactions in the environment. Over time, people learn to behave in particular ways and their personalities may change as a result (Moore, 2013). Perhaps someone might begin to see the world differently and become more open and extraverted. As we face different situations in life and are conditioned by our parents to act in a certain matter, we slowly evolve as individuals. Indeed, personality develops over a person’s entire lifespan. Behaviors that have positive consequences usually increase, while those that have negative consequences ultimately decrease (Moore, 2013). Going back to the nature versus nurture debate, the behaviorist theory surely represent the nurture aspect of the debate. Although it is known today that biology plays a vital role in the development of human beings, the behaviorist theory states that personality traits are mainly shaped by our environment (Cherry, 2013).
Research suggests that we acquire our personalities through a combination of different factors. All theories of personality play a significant role in the process of personality development. I chose the behaviorist theory because I feel like the environment is the main contributor to the development of personality (“What is Personality,” 2009). It’s obvious that people’s responses change as they encounter different situations. If we feel comfortable in a specific environment, we are more likely to be open and talkative as opposed to a scenario where we feel uncomfortable. Because personality is conditioned and learned, many behavioral reaction patterns are explained by classical conditioning (Cherry, 2013). For example, a woman that encounters bullying at a party may develop a personality that fears social events. As a result, the women begins to pair the neutral stimulus, the party, with the unconditioned stimulus, bullying by peers. This fear evolves as a result of environmental factors that are beyond this woman’s control. Sometimes it’s vital to understand that we are who we are because of what situations are introduced by the environment (What is Personality,” 2009).
The theory of behaviorism is based upon the fact that behavior can be calculated, taught, and altered. For the most part, behaviorism suggests that anyone can be taught to behave in any way. With this in mind, I like this theory because our...

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